LABC encourages registration with the Scheme


The LABC have produced a guide which encourages all building control departments and surveyors to support the Scheme and its aim to improve the image of construction.

LABC (Local Authority Building Control) is a membership organisation representing all local authority building control departments in England and Wales; they are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting public sector expertise.

The guide, Building control and the construction industry working in partnership, introduces the Scheme, its five-point Code of Considerate Practice and discusses the various ways that the industry can register. The guide highlights the importance of demonstrating a better image of the industry for the benefit of communities and local authorities, and recommends registration with the Scheme as a means of achieving this.

LABC notes two ways in which building control and planning departments can support and promote the Scheme. The first is by council’s recommending registration with the Scheme, perhaps through a clause in contract preliminaries which asks contractors to allow for this within their tenders. The second is via distributing information or arranging meetings with planning applicants/developers, as well as Local Authority National Type Approval Confederation arrangements.

The Scheme is delighted to have the support of LABC and would like to thank its members for promoting considerate construction.

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