Construction Site Leadership and Culture Module

The Construction Site Leadership and Culture Module is a practical tool to support company resilience and growth at a time when there has never been a greater public and government focus on construction company leadership, culture and performance.

Through an assessment of the practices and perceptions held by your workforce, your company is supported to continually improve your leadership and culture practices creating a more agile organisation, strengthening the ability to deliver on today’s industry challenges.

Focused on identifying both good and poor leadership and culture behaviours in relation to the Code of Considerate Practice areas of community, environment and workforce wellbeing during the construction phase of a project, this module is tailored to support and enhance your considerate practice development through focused actions driving continual improvement.

The Leadership and Culture module includes:

  • A survey based assessment of the perceptions and practices held across your workforce.
  • A validation of survey responses through structured interviews.
  • An actionable report allowing your organisation to accelerate continual improvement.
  • Recognition of the leadership and culture progress in your construction site management.

An actionable report:

Your organisation’s responses are validated through selected responder interviews and subsequently a narrative report with analysis of perceptions that exist across your construction workforce, with a comparison to industry wide construction site leadership and culture maturity provided to support your growth through continuous improvement.

Who can undertake this module?

This is the right module for you if you’re a tier two or tier three company with a Considerate Constructors Scheme Organisation Registration or a Joint Venture with a Considerate Constructors Scheme Site Registration. You’ll need to have over 30 employees and commit to registering for a minimum of 24 months.

How can I select this module?

You will be given an option to select this module when you register with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

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