Local Government Group authority advice note

The Local Government Group has re-issued its updated Considerate Constructors Scheme local authority advice note for 2011.

The advice note explains the aims and benefits of the Scheme and outlines how to register both sites and companies, including what is expected of registration.

The advice note goes on to recommend that local authorities can help support and promote the Scheme by specifying it on all local authority projects with the following clause included in all contract preliminaries:

“Allow for registering the site with the Considerate Constructors Scheme, including the appropriate fee, and for using best endeavours to comply with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.”

The advice note also encourages the promotion of the Scheme as a local champion. It suggests that this can be done through contact with planning applicants and contractors, through local meetings and by promotion through Local Authority National Type Approval Confederation (LANTAC) arrangements.

The Scheme’s Chief executive, Edward Hardy, commented:

We expect that the updated and revised local authority advice note will remind local authorities of the role they can play in supporting the Scheme, with the aim of improving the standards of consideration shown on construction projects in their area, to the benefit of the local communities.”

Please click here to download the 2011 local authority advice note

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Note: The Local Government Group is now known as The Local Government Association.