Monitors’ Regional Meetings, Autumn 2012

The Considerate Constructors Scheme’s 131 Monitors met regionally for the second time this year to keep up to date on the latest Scheme news, and discuss the developments on the new Code of Considerate Practice due to be launched on the 1st January 2013.

The meetings were held in Bristol, Leeds, London, Manchester, Midlands, Newcastle and at the Scheme’s head office in Ware. The meetings provide an opportunity for Monitors who visit similar geographical areas to get together and share their knowledge, while finding out about the latest Scheme initiatives, which on this occasion, focused mainly on the final developments of the new Code.

After an update on the latest Scheme news and initiatives, the Monitors’ attentions were turned towards the new Code. Throughout the summer, the Scheme has been testing all of the changes which are being made, including the new Code and supporting Checklist, and the improved scoring and reporting system. The trials were a great success and valuable feedback was gained. The outcomes of the trials were discussed with the Monitors at the meetings so the Scheme could hear their comments and suggestions on how to implement the feedback.

Monitors then reviewed the new Code, Checklist, scoring system and Monitor report format to ensure they fully understood the changes, and again, for the Scheme to hear any suggestions on how the individual elements could be improved.

The meetings closed with a discussion on what the next stages of development were for the new Code, including when the Scheme expects to be able to publish the final version in preparation for 1st January 2013.

Chief Executive of the Scheme, Edward Hardy, said:

This series of meetings proved hugely beneficial and highly valuable towards the development of the new Code. All Monitors agreed that this a positive step for the Scheme and feedback from the industry indicates that it is looking forward to the new challenge.