Monitors’ Regional Meetings, Autumn 2013


For the second time this year all Scheme Monitors attended one of a number of meetings held throughout the UK where they were informed about the latest Scheme developments and undertook a number of exercises as part of their Monitor training.

The meetings took place between the 7th and 18th October, with each meeting chaired by one of the Scheme’s directors.

Each meeting began with updating Monitors on various Scheme developments as well as how Site and Company Registrations have been performing since the beginning of the year. Monitors were also informed that this series of regional meetings would likely be the last as the Scheme looks to introduce the new Monitor Development Workshops, which are currently being trialled. These meetings will be run throughout the year and include a smaller number of Monitors per meeting to allow for more focused training.


After the update Monitors were then given a number of exercises which looked at scoring and innovation, and were asked to identify scoring inconsistencies and discuss good and innovative practice. The Scheme director led the discussions and was available to answer queries as well as offer guidance and suggestions.

The meetings concluded with discussions on the new Code, including how the industry has responded to the change, and provided an opportunity for Monitors to ask any questions they may have about other Scheme related matters.

If the trial of the Monitor Development Workshops continues to be successful, the first meeting of 2014 will take place in January.