Monitors’ Regional Meetings

The Scheme’s 122 Monitors met regionally during September and October 2010 for the second of the Scheme’s bi-annual Monitors’ Regional Meetings.

Each meeting was chaired by one of the Scheme’s Directors and Chief Executive, Edward Hardy and allowed for Monitors who visit sites in the same region to meet and hear about current Scheme news and proposed 2011 developments.

There was lively discussion at each of the seven meetings about the content, style and scoring of reports, to once again ensure the continued consistency of scoring amongst all Scheme Monitors.

Edward Hardy felt that this round of meetings had been particularly productive. He said: “The Scheme goes to great lengths to increase consistency of monitoring and the results of this are clearly demonstrated throughout these meetings. I would like to thank our Monitors for their commitment to the Scheme and continued dedication.”

Monitors meetingMonitors meetingMonitors meeting

Monitors meetingMonitors meetingMonitors meeting