Monitors’ Regional Meetings Spring 2010

April 2010

The Considerate Constructors Scheme has completed its first phase of this year’s bi-annual Monitor Regional meetings, which took place in March. The Scheme has a total of 116 Monitors and is in the process of taking on around 30 more. This increase in Monitors reflects the influx of site and company registrations and the need for additional resource.

These seven regional meetings allow Monitors from all regions, and Scheme Directors, to meet up and discuss monitoring issues and Scheme developments. Each meeting was chaired by a Scheme Director and attended by Scheme Chief Executive, Edward Hardy. The meetings focussed on a range of different topics including an overview of a survey, carried out by an independent organisation which looked at the views of the public towards the industry and the industries’ view of the Scheme. The findings from this survey were varied, but particular focus was given to improving consistency of Monitors scoring and how to develop a more consistent reporting style.

Edward Hardy commented: This set of meetings was highly productive, as always. Our Monitors are the link between the Scheme and its registered sites, and companies, and it is always very encouraging to hear feedback and helpful suggestions on how we can improve.