National Company Awards 2011 Gold Award winners

Please see below for the companies who were awarded a Gold Award at the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s National Company Awards 2011.


DAWSON-WAM Ltd are a specialist civil engineering and piling contractor with operations throughout the UK and Ireland.

A clear environmental policy is central to all of the company’s operations. ISO 14001 accreditation is supported by fully monitored waste management with an ongoing commitment to minimise waste sent to landfill. All the company’s rigs run on Panolin, a biodegradable oil, while a trial is being run to save carbon production by adding slag to concrete.

The same high standards of consideration were observed by the Scheme Monitor on a tightly bordered piling project in London’s theatreland. Excellent communication with local theatres ensured that no rehearsals or performances were disturbed by piling noise, and street marshals ensured the safety and reassurance of the passing public.

A particular feature of DAWSON-WAM’s operations was the creation of bespoke splash guards and enclosing shields on the piling heads. The resultant clean working was echoed across all site areas, with well-maintained equipment and high levels of tidiness and presentation throughout.

Attention to detail was evident in all aspects of the company’s operations, and the highly professional overall image was a credit to the aims of the Scheme.


Godfrey Developments

Based in Brighton, Sussex, Godfrey Developments purchases land or buildings to create high quality residential developments.

The commitment of this company and its site staff to maintaining an exceptional level of site presentation was evidenced by the complimentary letters received from residents at the monitored site. It is company policy to allocate one labourer to ongoing litter picking, road mud hosing, hoarding maintenance and signage cleaning, as well as keeping well maintained site welfare facilities. The success of this policy was clearly observed on and around the site by the Scheme’s Monitor.

Godfrey Developments also observes strict environmental guidelines, with particular regard to waste management. Scoring a 100% diversion-from-landfill rating, the monitored site also reclaimed demolition materials while donating waste wood to a local wood recycling scheme. Protection was also provided to existing flora and fauna on site, and attention to operative welfare included checks that non-English speakers clearly understood all communications.

Godfrey Developments has only been trading for a relatively short period, but within that time has evidenced a real and growing commitment to considerate site practices. It is a credit to the aims of the Scheme.


Goldsmith Construction Ltd

Goldsmith (Construction) Ltd is a family-run general construction company based in Dartford, Kent, covering new build and refurbishment.

Maintaining excellent relations with project neighbours is a high priority for this company, and personal visits to neighbouring properties is the preferred route wherever possible. At one site monitored by the Scheme in London, there was constant interaction with neighbours to advise them of any temporary disruptions or potentially noisy work, and action taken to resolve any problems. Examples include the use of opaque Correx sheeting to preserve privacy and the limitation of working hours to between 9 am and 5 pm.

The Scheme’s Monitor also observed a robust yet friendly approach to operative employment and behaviour, with a basic understanding of English as a minimum requirement. Welfare facilities were maintained on a rotational basis and kept in very good order, as were all the site areas, with constant sweeping and hosing to ensure mud free approaches.

Throughout the company there was a clear appreciation of the Scheme’s aims, and continuing efforts to raise standards. Coupled with excellent site cleanliness and company-branded workwear for all employees, this company presented an excellent impression of the industry at work.


J Tomlinson Ltd

This long-established building contractor, based in Nottinghamshire, has fully embraced the aims of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Consideration towards the neighbouring community at each project is embedded within the company ethos. Early contact by letter to all those who may be affected is standard policy, as is careful control of working and delivery times to minimise disruption. Specific measures observed on site by the Scheme’s Monitor included excellent entrance signage, photo identification of the site manager in the introductory neighbour letter, and an incentive scheme to ensure company vehicles remained well presented at all times.

Equally central to the operations at J Tomlinson Ltd was a commitment to environmental conservation. This is communicated to site staff through regular toolbox talks, with specific requirements discussed and put in place. Waste materials are recycled as a matter of policy.

The monitored site demonstrated all these aspects clearly, together with a very tidy presentation throughout and thoughtful car parking with driver contact details on view. Scheme participation was clearly visible to the client and the passing public, and the overall impression was one of total professionalism.


Kier Sheffield LLP

This company manages and undertakes responsive repair work for City of Sheffield housing through a workforce of 152 vehicle-based operatives.

The nature of the company’s activities means constant interaction with housing tenants, from the initial booking-in process to the completion of the required work. In every phase, Kier demonstrated real care and consideration towards tenants. Cleanliness at each location was an absolute priority, with extensive protection afforded to both interiors and approaches and all waste taken back to base for recycling. Each vehicle carried hand wipes and a vacuum cleaner to further facilitate cleanliness, and was also well-presented and thoughtfully parked.

These standards are maintained through regular supervisory inspections, and through constant monitoring of tenant satisfaction levels.

Operative welfare is addressed through the existence of a series of available facilities around the Sheffield area to enable welfare breaks without returning to base. This is complemented by a buddy system for those with limited English-speaking skills together with an extensive ongoing training programme for all operatives. Smart uniforms further enhanced the impression of efficiency and professionalism.

The Scheme’s Monitor commented: “The whole operation is extremely well-run and all operatives seen were a credit to Kier, being both so approachable and conscientious in their work.”


Pilkington Asbestos Removal Services Ltd

Pilkington Asbestos Removal Services Ltd is a specialist asbestos removal company, based in Rhuddlan, North Wales.

Asbestos removal is naturally subject to tight legal controls on its procedures to ensure health and safety concerns are properly preserved, placing many restrictions on how any contractor operates. Despite this, Pilkington demonstrated a real commitment to maintaining considerate construction techniques. An example of this, observed by the Scheme’s Monitor, was the patience and understanding of the operatives when dealing with public concerns. Viewing panels are also provided around the work areas where possible, allowing the public to observe the construction techniques in action.

Operatives share company vehicles to travel to and from work, and the company has its own environmental policy as well as the ISO 14001 accreditation. Company vehicles must be located close to the work by necessity, but particular care is taken to minimise road disruption, and to pre-warn the public via clear signage. Support for the community close to Pilkington’s main office is provided via the sponsorship of local sports teams.

Pilkington has received a number of compliments on the presentation of their work areas during and after asbestos removal, as well as on the speed of operations and helpfulness of operatives. This highlights the ability of even those working under very difficult conditions to be considerate, and is of great credit to the aims of the Scheme.


Rydon Maintenance – North London Region

Rydon Maintenance – North London Region was also awarded the title of Most Considerate Company 2011. Please click here for more information


United Builders UK Ltd

United Builders UK Ltd are a 15 year old contractor based near Lewes, Sussex, providing external and internal building maintenance services, mainly to the private sector.

Much of United’s work involves maintenance at residential apartment blocks, and the level of communication observed by the Scheme’s Monitor on two sites was exemplary. On one site, the company had arranged for a residential co-ordinator to be the main point of contact, and meetings were held regularly to advise residents on the progress of the project and identify any problems. On another site, a similar initiative was supported by the placing of notice boards in communal areas to advise of work planned and underway. In addition, it is company policy to monitor every site on a daily basis to ensure they are clean and tidy so every site gives a good impression to both residents and the general public.

High levels of cleanliness were observed at both sites visited by the Monitor. All stored materials were neatly packed away, and regular litter-picking, together with manual sweeping, ensured safe and well-presented approaches. Participation in the Scheme is clearly visible through signage prominently displayed on site, on branded vehicles and on the company’s website. Operatives – all from the local area – are regularly updated on the requirements of the Scheme by supervisors. Materials are also sourced from local suppliers.

With the operatives’ cars parked thoughtfully near each site, and clean, branded workwear identifying each employee, the overall impression was one of professionalism and efficiency throughout.