New and improved Company Registration for 2017

Over 2016 the Scheme reviewed its Company Registration proposition to ensure it remains suitable and adequate for those companies signing up.

The changes listed below came into effect on 1 March 2017:

  • Office visits will now include an indicative score reflecting how the Monitor feels that company is performing against the Code of Considerate Practice and the Monitors’ Checklist.
  • Additional validation visits will be undertaken each year at the company’s areas of work so that observations and discussions at the office visit can be validated, or otherwise.
  • Monitoring should be more relevant to the company’s overall performance and not focussed on individual site performance. Therefore, site visits will be used to simply validate the indicative score from the office visit resulting in a final validated score.
  • Star ratings and awards eligibility will be based on that final score.
  • Three new Monitors’ Checklists have been produced to reflect different expectations for companies of different sizes:
    • Companies with a turnover below £250k will be monitored using the ‘small’ Checklist.
    • Companies with a turnover greater than £250k but below £3.5m will be monitored using the ‘medium’ Checklist.
    • Companies with a turnover above £3.5m will be monitored using the ‘large’ Checklist.
  • Monitors will provide more advice and guidance on how to raise standards using the Best Practice Hub as a valuable tool to help the company identify how they might address specific areas for development.

There are still four registration tiers as detailed on the ‘Fees‘ page.

  • For companies with a turnover up to £3.5m, all construction related activities are covered by their registration with no need to register any projects separately.
  • As is already the case, for companies with a turnover greater than £3.5m, all activities under six weeks duration are covered but all projects over six weeks in duration must be separately registered with the Scheme. However, all subcontractor work is covered with no requirement to register sites separately.

All registered companies will receive an annual visit to their office at the start of each registration period to ensure that the company is meeting the expectations of registration and to assess overall performance against the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice using the appropriate Checklist.

  • The annual office visit is to review a company’s performance against the areas of the Scheme’s Code. It will be a detailed discussion around the relevant questions and prompts within the Checklist and a review of the company’s processes, policies and systems.
  • The office visit will result in the issuing of a report and an ‘indicative’ score that reflects their ‘assumed’ or expected performance against the Scheme’s criteria based on discussions, observations and evidence where available.
  • The indicative score will normally be given as a range, e.g. between 6 and 7, or between 7 and 8 as the Monitor is unlikely to be able to give a definitive view without seeing how the company operates ‘in the field’. This will give an indication of the performance rating that the company might achieve once the validation visits have been carried out.

Validation visits

One of the changes being implemented is that the site visits will become validation visits – in other words the visit will be a review and validation of the discussions held during the office visit and reports will be written accordingly with notes where the observations do not support previous discussions. The Monitor will either agree with the score range previously awarded or may flex the score up or down as appropriate.

Companies will be prompted to provide opportunities for validation visits shortly after the office visit has been completed, giving ample time to undertake any development work discussed at the office visit. Companies will be reminded that the sooner they provide validation visit opportunities, the sooner they will receive their star rating.

Companies with a turnover below £250k will receive one validation visit each year while all others will normally receive two.

  • The first validation visit will result in an updated indicative score based on the observations and discussions at the time of the visit.
  • The email accompanying the report will confirm that the report only shows an indicative score and that a second validation visit is required before a validated score can be confirmed and a star rating issued. It will ask the company to contact the Scheme in the coming weeks/months to arrange the second visit giving them the opportunity to take actions to address areas of development highlighted within the report.
  • If the company has a turnover below £250k, this will be the only validated score and the report will be issued confirming the validated score along with the appropriate star rating.
  • When the company provides details for a second validation visit, the subsequent report will show a second updated indicative score and then a final validated score. A star rating will also be confirmed based on this.
  • The emphasis will be on the company to offer validation site visit opportunities during the course of the annual registration period. Unless at least one validation visit is carried out, it will not be possible for the company to receive a validated score which means that they will not receive a star rating or be eligible for the National Awards. The Scheme will write to the company explaining that their indicative score has not been validated and therefore are unable to confirm compliance which puts their registration at risk. The correspondence will explain that they must provide suitable opportunities in the next registration period so that a validated score can be established or there will be no option but to cancel their registration.
  • Registered companies will be able to purchase additional validation visits if they wish to receive further guidance and increase their validated score. If an increased score is achieved which equates to a higher star rating, a new certificate will be issued. If a lower score is achieved which results in a lower rating, again a new certificate will be issued with clear instructions to remove any reference to their previous rating.
  • Companies with an annual turnover of over £3.5m are required to register all their sites (with duration of over six weeks) as part of the registration criteria.
    • Those that only carry out subcontract work (where they are only working on other company’s sites), or only conduct short duration work that will not be registered with the Scheme (less than six weeks duration), are not required to register any separate sites and will therefore receive validation visits, as above.
    • Those that only carry out main contractor work on projects over six weeks duration will not receive validation visits and their validated score will be based on the discussions at the office visit and on the scoring performance of their sites under Site Registration.

Click for an explanation on the new scoring process

Second and subsequent years of registration

At the start of the second and subsequent years of registration, another office visit should be conducted to review observations and findings and to establish whether standards have been maintained, improved or perhaps worsened. Depending on the observations at the previous validation visits, it may be appropriate to review the company’s policies and procedures to see where changes have been made.

Following this visit, a new indicative score will be established based on these discussions. A new report will also be started with a new Executive Summary and new detailed findings.

Where it appears that standards have dropped, or in those instances where new Scheme requirements have been introduced but the company has not yet taken the appropriate action, the Monitor may decide to provide an updated indicative score, e.g. a validated 9 for Workforce might be amended to 8-9 if it is felt that a new area for development has been identified. This provides the company with the opportunity to take action prior to the next validation visit in order to retain their previous score, and drives continuous improvement.

Where the Monitor feels that standards have improved, the Monitor may decide to provide an updated indicative score, e.g. a previously validated 7 for Appearance might be amended to 7-8 or even an 8-9 if it is felt that the company has taken appropriate action to address the previously identified shortfalls and has improved standards to an excellent or exceptional level. This recognises the efforts made by the company to improve standards but these assumed improvements will need to be validated at a subsequent visit.

As before, validation visits will be used to validate the updated indicative score.

Note that companies will not receive further credit for an innovation unless it has been improved or further developed.

Changes to the Checklist

There has been a fundamental review of the Company Registration Monitors’ Checklist to ensure it is appropriate to and accessible by smaller companies and there are now three Checklists – small, medium and large.

Companies that separately register projects under Site Registration will continue to have those sites assessed using the Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist.

The Checklists can be used for both main contractors and subcontractors and Monitors will use their judgment to decide which questions and prompts are relevant.

To download the new 2017 Company Registration Monitors’ Checklists, please click on the links below:

Small Checklist – for companies with a turnover under £250k

Medium Checklist – for companies with a turnover between £250k to £3.5m

Large Checklist – for companies with a turnover greater than £3.5m


The Scheme’s scoring system remains unchanged and reports will still reflect a score out of 10 for each of the five Code sections. For further information on the scoring process and for an explanation of each score, click here.


As is the case already, companies will need to demonstrate compliance at their initial office visit in order to proceed with their registration. If they cannot do so, the report and indicative score should reflect this. The Scheme will then write to the company, ask them to take appropriate action to attain compliance and then arrange a follow up office visit where a new report can be completed with a new indicative score. This report will replace the first office visit report.

If the Monitor witnesses non-compliance at one of the validation visits, again the Monitor will note this on the report and this may be reflected in the indicative score range, e.g. 4-5.

If the final validated score includes one or more non-compliant sections, the Scheme’s normal non-compliance process will be applied and the company will be written to and asked to take action to address the issue(s).

Star ratings

Following the second validation visit within each registration period (the only validation visit for companies under £250k turnover), the company will receive a validated score and a star rating certificate. This certificate will show a star rating based on the validated score using the bandings detailed on the Scheme’s website, and will also show the year in which the rating was achieved. Companies will be able to purchase additional materials to promote their achievement.

Report format

The new report format includes details from the initial office visit and subsequent validation visits, proving a clear audit trail of progress through the registration period.

Reports will be completed in line with the Scheme’s normal report writing standards with bold italic comments used to identify areas for development/improvements in the office and validations sections.

The focus of the company reports will change. The report will not be an assessment of the sites visited but should be a report commenting on the company’s systems and processes, with the narrative reflecting this focus.

Click here to download an example of the new Monitor report template

Additional information
  • All registered companies will continue to receive a pack of information to assist them in meeting the highest expectations of the Scheme and outlining the expectations of registration.
  • All newly registered companies will also receive an email from the Best Practice Hub team selling the benefits of the Hub in helping them perform to a higher standard and inviting them to sign up.
  • Changes are being made to the Best Practice Hub so that all of the resources for smaller companies will be easy to find, in one place.
  • All companies will be listed on the Scheme’s website and on the soon-to-be-launched UK Construction Map.
  • Companies will have access to the Scheme’s online portal.
Transitional arrangements

All companies registered after 1 March 2017 will join on this basis and be monitored as outlined above. Existing registered companies may be part way through their annual registration and may have received their office and one or all of their site visits.

Therefore, the following will apply:

  • If the company has recently re-registered and has not yet had their office visit, they will simply proceed on the new basis as outlined above, i.e. an office visit resulting in an indicative score and further validation visits.
  • If a company has had their unscored office visit on the ‘old basis’ but no site visits yet, the Monitor will treat the first site visit as the first validation visit and produce an indicative score based on their notes from the office visit and their observations at the site validation visit.
  • If a company has had their unscored office visit and their first scored site visit, the Monitor will treat the second site visit as the second validation visit and produce a validated score based on their notes from the office visit and their observations at both site validation visits.

These changes will come into effect from 1 March 2017. If any you have any queries or concerns regarding the above, please contact the Scheme on 0800 783 1423 or email