New documentation

overview brochure

November 2008

Site Managers guide
The Scheme has begun issuing two new pieces of documentation – Considerate Constructors Scheme – an Overview and the Site Managers’ Guide – along with a re-formatted version of its Higher than Satisfactory Performance information.

The newly developed Site Managers’ Guide explains the expectations of the Scheme and should be read by the person with responsibility for running a registered site. It will be sent out to all newly registered sites.

The booklet entitled Considerate Constructors Scheme – An Overview gives information about what the Scheme does – why and how – and will be issued by the administration office to anyone wanting general information about the Scheme, as well as to those wanting to register a site.

The Higher than Satisfactory Performance document will be familiar to anyone who has experience of the Scheme. It lists specific initiatives and activities, witnessed by the Scheme’s Monitors while visiting sites that, at the time and when the other working practices of the site were taken into account, were considered to be beyond compliance with the Code of Considerate Practice. The contents will be amended from time to time as part of a continuous improvement process and as new examples are identified.