New e-learning course on ‘Worker Fatigue’ launched


The Considerate Constructors Scheme has introduced a new e-learning course about ‘Worker Fatigue’ available for anyone registered with the Best Practice Hub to take.

The new e-learning course follows on from the Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on… worker fatigue’ campaign launched last year.

The e-learning course aims to increase the industry understanding of worker fatigue by building on the information provided by the campaign.

Fatigue can slow reaction times, create lapses in judgement, reduce concentration and coordination, diminish cognitive ability and cause individuals to underestimate risk. In an industry where hazardous activity is commonplace, this can cause a significant issue. This is especially a problem in the construction industry where operatives endure physically and mentally demanding work over long hours and irregular shift patterns.

In addition to the new e-learning course, a follow-up article to the ‘Spotlight on…worker fatigue’ campaign has been published. This provides an update on how the industry has responded to the campaign, including a survey of Scheme Monitors to understand how effective the Campaign has been since it was introduced in September 2019.

 Take the free Worker Fatigue e-learning course here.

 To read the follow-up article, click here.


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