One Scheme, one brand

Over the coming weeks, the Scheme will be consolidating the branding and signage for those that register with the Scheme so all sites, companies and suppliers promote their considerate credentials under one Scheme and one recognisable brand.

As announced at the end of 2016 in Industry Image, registered sites, companies and suppliers will start to see a gradual phase-in over the next few weeks of newly-branded products which display the logo that is currently used on registered site material only, as shown below.

Following the recent changes made to Company and Supplier Registration, it is an opportune time to bring everything together, to promote a clear, consistent brand which demonstrates that all registrations are working to achieve one shared goal; to improve the image of construction.

There has never been a greater need for the industry to work together in a spirit of collaboration. Registered companies and suppliers are increasingly being seen operating on registered sites, leading to a number of different Scheme logos all appearing in one place, potentially leading to confusion and a lack of clarity.

The designs to Scheme-registration posters and banners have also evolved and now promote a unified message of ‘We are considerate constructors’ to the industry and the public.

New designs of Scheme-registered products

The Scheme appreciates that a change to the branding will not happen overnight, and for a long period of time, new signage will sit alongside what has been offered for many years. This is not a concern, and registered companies and suppliers still displaying blue and purple coloured signage will not be penalised in any way by the Scheme’s Monitors when being visited.

All Scheme signage is complimentary to promoting the message of registration and existing signage will remain valid until it needs replacing due to natural wear and tear or a change to any company/supplier details. It will be a gradual transition that could potentially take a year or two but one the Scheme feels is worth making.

Over the last couple of months, the Scheme has been working hard to ensure all existing stock is used before the new versions replace the current ones. So that there is a minimum amount of waste, current stock will continue to be used and only replaced with the new designs when old stocks have been depleted.

As mentioned earlier in this article, this does not cause any problems with regards to compliance with the Scheme’s Code and all signage, both new and existing, are as valid as each other.

Even though the branding will be changing, the three registrations will continue to operate as they do today. For example, different Monitors’ Checklists will continue to be in operation for all three types of registration, and the monitoring will still be tailored to the site, company or supplier.

The Scheme hopes this consolidation is seen as a positive step in its development as all those registered strive to achieve the same aim: working together to improve the image of construction.

If any sites, companies or suppliers have any queries, please call the Scheme on 0800 783 1423 or email