Outstanding UK construction companies and suppliers triumph at National Awards

The Scheme has honoured the Most Considerate Companies and Suppliers at this year’s National Awards.

Four companies and one supplier were presented with the coveted top award of ‘Most Considerate Company 2017’ and ‘Most Considerate Supplier 2017’ respectively. They are:

  • CR Civil Engineering Ltd
    annual turnover £10m and over
  • Elev8 Interiors Ltd
    annual turnover: £3.5m to <£10m
  • Clearly Renovations Ltd
    annual turnover: £250k to <£3.5m
  • Sheene Contract Solutions
    annual turnover: Under £250k
  • TCi (GB) Ltd triumphed as the ‘Most Considerate Supplier 2017’ making them the second registered supplier to win this prestigious title since Supplier Registration was introduced in 2014.

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The award ceremonies took place on 2 and 3 November at the Four Seasons Hotel in London.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme’s National Awards are one of the most respected accolades in UK construction. By registering with the Scheme, companies and suppliers demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the image of the industry.

The awards recognise the highest performing companies and suppliers which have demonstrated excellence in relation to the community, the environment and their workforce.

In total 22 Gold, 37 Silver and 55 Bronze Awards were presented to registered companies, while 3 Gold and 5 Silver Awards were presented to registered suppliers. Of the Gold Award winners, 10 shortlisted companies received the ‘Most Considerate Company Runner-up’ title and two suppliers received ‘Most Considerate Supplier Runner-up’.


2017 Most Considerate winners:

CR Civil Engineering Ltd

£10m and over

CR Civil Engineering Ltd (CRCE Ltd) is based in Leicestershire and works throughout the UK carrying out a range of construction services including highway, rail and flood defence projects.

There is a clear focus on minimising community disturbance and many goodwill works are carried out for site neighbours, such as the construction of a school playground, as well as raising over £24,000 for good local causes.

A dragon boat race was held for the Rainbows Hospice and sponsorship was provided to a local boxer and the air ambulance service. The company’s training manager was also preparing to become a CITB Ambassador.

Meaningful links are forged with local schools and colleges to promote employment opportunities in the industry and this resulted in the recruitment of many apprentices and long-term unemployed people through the DWP scheme.

Keen to protect the environment, this company has a comprehensive environmental policy in place and takes an exceptionally thorough approach to waste management, using specialist equipment to crush concrete and stone for reuse and recycling.

With comprehensive training provided to a predominantly direct workforce using an in-house training centre, this company has proved its hugely considerate credentials as a truly dedicated industry ambassador.

Elev8 Interiors Ltd

£3.5m to <£10m

Established in 1994, Elev8 Interiors Ltd is a wholly-owned family business specialising in building refurbishments, high-end residential work, interior office fit-outs and construction management consultancy services.

Elev8’s seven-year association with the Scheme has been justly rewarded with a number of CCS Awards, all demonstrating this company’s abiding dedication to the Code, which is now firmly engrained in its working practices.

Succinctly summing up this dedication, a Scheme Monitor recently said: “This is yet another example of how Elev8 take Scheme-related matters seriously and play a very active part in helping to improve the image of the industry.”

An annual tree planting initiative to reduce the company’s carbon footprint reflects the importance Elev8 place on caring for the environment. All C02 emissions are logged and trees are planted to redress the balance – an initiative described by the Monitor as “an exceptional level of performance for a project of this type”.

Keen to encourage new workers into construction, Elev8 works closely with subcontractors to advertise job vacancies and promote the industry as a great place to work.

Equal consideration is given to the workforce, with an open door policy supported by a formal feedback scheme and an ongoing commitment to employee training, ensuring that each project achieves the exemplary standards now customary for this multi award-winning company.

Clearly Renovations

£250k to <£3.5m

Clearly Renovations is a family-run company of over 12 years specialising in high-end residential refurbishments, renovations and alterations in London and the southern counties.

Continuing its impressive track record of considerate practice, Clearly Renovations has been highly commended for its innovative approach to branding, using its ‘Clearly’ slogan for the benefit of the company and the industry as a whole.

Implemented after Mental Health Awareness Week, its ‘Clearly Wellness’ campaign is promoting a ‘Healthy Body – Healthy Mind – Happy Life’ ethos, giving the workforce ‘Time to Talk’ through regular time-out opportunities. This supports its ‘Clearly Vision’ initiative with ‘10 Good Commandments’ for a positive workforce.

For a medium-sized company, taking precious time and resources to use their branding in such a positive way is testament to their considerate approach. Company values are also effectively highlighted to the workforce, creating what a Scheme Monitor described as the “wow factor”.

This was further enhanced by an excellent website, popular social media campaigns and community goodwill gestures including window cleaning, providing car wash vouchers and the support of many charities.

Once again, this company has achieved outstanding overall standards, including many exceptional examples of industry practice which reflect most highly on the company and industry at large.

Sheene Contract Solutions

Under £250k

Working typically with large retail outlets, and using specialist teams including fitters, welders, carpenters and electricians, Kent-based Sheene Contract Solutions installs specialist catering equipment such as refrigeration cabinets, server counters and food preparation areas.

With a clear commitment to outstanding standards, this company has been praised by the Scheme for its unique operative feedback questionnaire. A form is completed by the main contractor at the end of the shift to provide constructive feedback to operatives before they leave site, ensuring that quality is maintained and the company’s workforce portrays a positive image of the industry.

All works are carried out with the utmost discretion and both the working areas and workforce appearance present a very positive image of the Industry, with employees wearing modern, smart branded workwear and PPE.

Having meticulous expectations of cleanliness, this company keeps progress photo records and a photo gallery on the website, as well as an equally striking fleet of liveried vans displaying CCS Stickers.

Both the main contractor and retail staff are treated with the highest respect and the team works actively to minimise environmental impact through its ‘just in time’ deliveries. All in all, this company goes above and beyond to achieve all-round exemplary standards and improve the image of the industry.

TCi (GB) Ltd


With their head office and depot based in Bideford, Devon, TCi (GB) Ltd supplies and installs office and welfare furniture and equipment for premises across the UK, including construction cabins.

TCi (GB) Ltd was highly praised by the Scheme for its innovative collaboration with a local furniture manufacturer to produce ‘cardboard workstations’ as part of an integrated waste management, product development and service delivery project.

Cardboard packaging from furniture consignments is returned, compacted and supplied to a third party that processes the waste and manufactures the high quality ECOdesk 360 – built to the company’s own design and ideally suited to construction site offices.

Another priority for this company is supporting the community and it has carried out many goodwill gestures including making contributions in kind, and providing assistance to local groups and charities. Labour is also sourced locally and the workforce is strongly encouraged to use neighbourhood shops and suppliers.

This FORS-registered company has built close links with the local college and provides placements for apprentices and work experience students, all-in-all making a hugely positive and innovative impact on the industry, for which it should be massively congratulated.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Executive Chairman Isabel Martinson said:

Each year, the Scheme is amazed by the increasingly innovative and ingenious ways that companies and suppliers devise to elevate their levels of consideration to the community, workforce and environment.

On behalf of the Scheme, I would like to offer huge congratulations to all of this year’s award winners who have worked extremely hard to raise standards of consideration, both within their own organisations and for the good of the entire industry.

We look forward to continuing to work with the industry to raise standards in considerate construction to an even higher level.

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Each winner has been categorised into Runners-up to the Most Considerate Company Award, and Runner-up to Most Considerate Supplier Award, as well as each Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winner.

2017 National Awards winners’ brochure

The Scheme has published a special edition awards brochure which lists all of the 2017 National Company and Supplier Awards winners.

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Alternatively, to request a hard copy please call the Scheme on 0800 783 1423 or email enquiries@ccscheme.org.uk

Copies of this brochure will be posted to all 2017 National Company and Supplier Awards winners.

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