Professional Partner Terms of Reference

Any company or organisation that provides professional services to the UK construction industry can be considered for Professional Partnership with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

This is aimed at encouraging those companies providing valuable services to the industry that impact on their considerate construction to join the Scheme and operate in line with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate practice.

Any company or organisation wishing to be considered should apply in writing. They may then be invited to become a Professional Partner by the Scheme’s Chief Executive. Where necessary a senior representative of the Scheme may wish to meet with the potential Professional Partner to discuss their application.

Once a company has been accepted as a Professional Partner:

Professional Partners will:
  • Encourage any construction site or company they are professionally involved with to register with the Scheme. Those Professional Partners who have supply chains that fall within the remit of the Scheme must endeavour to ensure these are separately registered as individual companies or suppliers.
  • Where appropriate or relevant include in all documents issued to contractors or industry clients, the expectation to register with the Scheme and the minimum expectation for an achievement of conformance.
  • Consider their own operations and strive to work to the highest standards of Scheme expectations at all times.
  • Ensure their working practices and involvement in the industry is carried out as considerately as possible.
  • Ensure all company employees are aware of the Professional Partnership with the Scheme and what this means. It is recommended that key personnel attend Scheme activities and events to become familiar with its operations.
  • Nominate a suitable senior representative from within the company to act as their contact for Professional Partnership matters and to represent their company at the Scheme Partners annual events.
  • Provide a link from their website to the Scheme’s website.
  • Where possible influence those they are involved with to understand and meet the highest standards of the Scheme.
  • Encourage consideration for Ultra Site status.
  • Act as an ambassador of the Scheme.
  • Display partnership branding on all relevant documentation, promotional materials and vehicles.
  • Pay an annual fee of £525 + VAT
The Scheme will:
  • Where necessary provide an annual one on one meeting with the Professional Partner to review partnership and assist in any Scheme related actions.
  • Publicise and promote the Professional Partner’s commitment to the Scheme.
  • Highlight the Partners company on the Scheme’s Construction Map
  • Issue a Professional Partnership logo for use on all marketing material and other company material and vehicles, as well as a Professional Partnership certificate.
  • Provide meetings to discuss Scheme issues and to meet other Professional Partners.
  • Involve Professional Partners in the development and direction of the Scheme.
  • Where appropriate provide access to online benchmarking information and statistics comparing the Professional Partners supply chain performance with other in the industry.
  • Generally assist Professional Partners and those they work with to meet the aims of the Scheme.
Additional encouraged activities for Professional Partners:

The Considerate Constructors Scheme works with its Professional Partners to encourage the ever improving performance of construction activity across the industry. The Scheme operates in many sectors and areas within the UK construction industry and Professional Partners are encouraged to support the Scheme in all that it does.

Activities Professional Partners could therefore consider are:

  • Encourage sites, sub-contractors and suppliers to separately register with the Scheme.
  • Support Scheme recognised charities.
  • Provide the Scheme with regular best practice initiative updates to appear on the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub.
  • Assist the Scheme in promotional and other marketing activities.
  • Encourage contractors to participate in Scheme initiatives such as ‘Spotlight On…’ Campaign.
  • Take part in and promote appropriate industry initiatives, e.g. Go Construct, Construction Industry Helpline, etc.

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