Professional Registration

Join thousands of contractors, subcontractors and clients of construction projects to raise standards in the industry.

Professional Registration allows any organisation supplying professional services to the construction industry to join the Scheme and enjoy the benefits of registration.

As a professional service organisation, you perform a vital role in the construction process. Your organisation therefore has a responsibility to conduct themselves in a considerate manner at all times, ensuring you portray a positive image of the industry you represent and to raise standards in this area.

The benefits of registering with the Scheme include:

  • Enhancing your organisation’s credibility – the Scheme is endorsed by local authorities and the national Government.
  • Helping you to gain a competitive edge in winning new work. Clients both public and private sector often stipulate registration with the Scheme in tendering.
  • Strengthening your brand across the industry and promote your credibility through using Scheme branding.
  • Promoting your commitment to the Scheme by having your details on the Construction Map.
  • Showcasing how your organisation is considerate through the Best Practice Hub, which receives over 100,000 views per month.
  • Receiving annual meetings with the Scheme Monitors to help your organisations to perform to a higher standard.


As part of your registration, you will receive an annual meeting with the Scheme Monitor. The purpose of the meeting is to identify areas to help your organisation to perform to a higher standard by providing guidance and advice, and sharing best practice with you on how this can be achieved.

This meeting will take place at the start of the registration period and, in the first year, before registration is approved and a certificate or logo issued.

Your commitments

  • Promote your registration to those organisations you work with such as construction companies, construction sites and other suppliers to encourage them to also register with the Scheme
  • Ensure everyone with your organisation is aware of your Professional Registration with the Scheme and what this means. It is recommended that key personnel attend a Scheme Workshop and complete the e-learning modules available on the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub
  • Where appropriate include in all documents issued to contractors or industry clients, the expectation to register with the Scheme and achieve compliance as a minimum
  • Nominate a suitable senior representative to be the central point of contact for all Scheme matters
  • Provide a link from your website to the Scheme’s website
  • Display membership branding (logo and certificate) in relevant areas, including online
  • Promote your registration through relevant communication channels, including news stories, press releases, social media, and customer and supplier communications
  • Proactively work with the Scheme to implement considerate standards within your business as well as to ensure all those you influence endeavour to work to the highest standards

Registering as a Professional

If you would like to register as a Professional, this can be done by clicking below. Once registered, you will gain access to a portal where you are able to manage your registration. The registration fee is £431 (+VAT) per annum. Once your application has been approved, your organisation will be issued with the Scheme logo and Certificate of Registration, which can be used to promote your registration.

Register as a Professional

If you have any queries about registration, please email or call 0800 783 1423.

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