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With the industry under increased scrutiny from the public and media, there has never been a more important time for everyone in construction to demonstrate that they are proactively choosing to raise standards of their industry.

Registering with the Scheme proves that they care about the public, the natural environment and all those who work for the company and on their project. It shows that Corporate Social Responsibility objectives are taken seriously and strengthens brand value, improving company standings.

Registration provides a framework for best practice to be captured and shared, and for areas for further improvement to be highlighted with potential solutions available via the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub.

Typically, the Scheme has engaged directly with main contractors through Site Registration where the principal contractor registers the project and is responsible for ensuring that the necessary standards are in place. However, it is widely recognised that those that work within the supply chain play a huge role of any project, large or small, and by encouraging these companies to register separately with the Scheme; the main contractor is sending a clear signal that considerate construction is a vital element of their corporate ethos.

With Company, Supplier and Professional Registration available, there won’t be many in the supply chain and across the industry that can’t enjoy the benefits of registration with the Scheme. Find out more about the benefits of registration below and use these alongside the additional resources that the Scheme has produced to help encourage your supply chain to register.


Benchmark Performance

Monitor reports provide a score and feedback summarising the ‘considerate performance’ of construction activity. This can be used at board level performance reviews as a Key Performance Indicator.

Gain a competitive advantage

Winning contracts and increasing financial gain stems from staying on top of rising standards. Clients and main contractors are increasingly looking for Scheme registration, scores and even award winners when awarding contracts.

Be first choice for planning authorities

Registration is a statement of intent demonstrating a commitment to community engagement and minimising inconvenience. This is viewed positively by planning authorities and can make a difference in their decisions.

Win National Awards

Each year we host a coveted awards programme that sees the highest performers from every aspect of construction recognised and celebrated as achievers of best practice. This provides a fantastic PR opportunity.

Share best practice

The Best Practice Hub provides access to a dynamic library of resources, from innovative projects of every size, to hard-hitting campaigns on industry issues and free e-learning courses.

Tailored advice and guidance

Visits from experienced industry professionals allow companies to benefit from an assessment and benchmark of performance, as well as one-to-one advice tailored to individual projects.

Meet Corporate Social Responsibility goals

Companies will be recognised by the public and stakeholders for placing huge importance on showing care and consideration towards local communities, the environment and the welfare of their workforce.

Be on the Map

The Construction Map provides a single point of reference for construction activity across the country. Those registered with the Scheme enjoy the ability to use this invaluable tool to keep local communities in the know.


Several resources have been developed to help encourage members of your supply chain to register with the Scheme, this includes an overview brochure for those considering registration, a flyer to distrubute to your supply chain, and a presentation which communicates the benefits of Scheme registration.

Click here to read and download the Overview Brochure

Click here to read and download the Supply Chain Flyer 

Click here to view the Supply Chain Presentation

Additionally, the Scheme has created three A3 posters for principal contractors to display on site, with the aim of promoting supply chain registration to any other companies involved with the project.

These posters are free to download via the links below.

The Scheme has also worked with some major contractors to develop some standard wording which could be inserted into the appropriate tender documentation.

The Project will be registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) which has been set up to drive improvement throughout the entire construction supply chain. As part of this, the Project will demonstrate and promote the highest standards and actively seek to improve not only its own performance but that of the wider construction industry through its supply chain. The Project therefore requires all relevant trade contractors to fully engage with the Scheme at an appropriate level. Some trade contractors may already be members of the Scheme but for many this will require applying for ‘Company Registration’, ‘Supplier Registration’ or ‘Professional Registration’ and paying the appropriate fee.

If you would like any more information regarding registration with the Scheme, contact us by emailing or calling 0800 783 1423.

Frequently asked questions

The Scheme offers four types of registration depending on the nature of the company and the work it undertakes.

  • Site Registration is for specific sites or projects and is open to cover any phase of work, including demolition.
  • Company Registration is for construction companies, any company of any size can register, including trade contractors and those who work within the supply chain.
  • Supplier Registration is for any company that supplies goods and materials to the construction industry.
  • Professional registration is for those who do not fall into the above categories. These include architects, engineers, consultants, surveyors, and waste management specialists

To become registered with the Scheme simply complete the online application form as prompted by the online registration process. The application form can be found here

Fees are dependent on the type of registration, as well as the size of a project or company. Click on the following links to find out more:

Site Registration fees

Company Registration fees

Supplier Registration fees

Professional Registration fees

Payment is easy. At the end of the application form you will be asked to select your preferred method of payment from the following options; cheques, BACS or credit card.

Registration begins as soon as the initial office visit has been carried out. It is therefore vital that you assist the Monitor in arranging this visit promptly.

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