Client Partnership

In the past some of us in the building industry were dismayed by the tarnished image of construction. The quiet majority of conscientious, consummate professionals were tired of being tarred with the same brush as cowboy builders and inconsiderate operators whose sites looked like bombsites and whose disgruntled customers took a dim view of our industry. So, in 1997, we did something about it: The Considerate Constructors Scheme is an initiative by the construction industry for the construction industry that puts consideration for others at the heart of everything we do. Originally conceived simply to ‘improve the image of construction’, the Scheme now epitomises the very best of our industry by incorporating thoughtful, environmentally sensitive and safe practices into every aspect of construction. It’s about being considerate to our customers, to those living and working in and around our sites and to the environment. In short, it’s about being the very best we can be. Becoming a Client Partner is free and demonstrates that you are an organisation that proactively chooses to improve the image of the construction industry. It proves to the public that you take your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives seriously, strengthening the value of your brand and company’s standing. Become a Client Partner and you’ll be recognised by the public and those working on your sites as a company that places huge importance on showing care and consideration towards local communities, the environment and the welfare of the workforce. Being the best we can be 2 | Client Partnership No fees are payable to the Scheme to become a Client Partner.