Construction Site Security Guidance

Construction Site Security Guidance Introduction In order to promote a continuous level of security for a project, the security of the construction phase should be considered. Crime on building sites and construction sites often contribute to spikes in crime figures for the local area. This guide is designed to give advice on how best to secure the construction site in order to offer the benefits of a low crime development from the moment the hoarding goes up until the development is handed over to the client. There is a duty for the principal contractor to “take reasonable steps to prevent access by unauthorised persons to the construction site” under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.” 2 Version 1 | August 2019 The purpose of this guide is to improve Construction Site security and to prevent crime. The guide is intended for use by staff who are responsible for and work within large or small construction sites to help them review and improve the security of their site, using proven crime prevention methodologies. The advice may need to be tailored according to the size and scope of each individual site, which can limit the effectiveness of the measures suggested. PC James Smith Designing Out Crime Officer