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Considerate Constructors Scheme

2015 National Company Awards



As Government Chief Construction

Adviser I'm pleased with the

progress the industry is starting to

make with transforming the image

of construction. This includes

paying attention to the

communities in which we work. Much credit must go

to the Considerate Constructors Scheme which is

spearheading these changes.

Peter Hansford

Government Chief Construction Adviser

The Considerate Constructors

Scheme’s National Company Awards

is a celebration of excellence in our

industry, a catalyst for improving

performance and mitigates the

impact of our construction projects

in the communities where we work. I congratulate all

the winners of the awards who have demonstrated

excellent levels of consideration and performance

beyond expectations, which all helps in raising the

image of our industry by gaining the respect of the

general public and our own workforce whilst

minimising the impact of our sites on the environment.

Simon Carr

National Chair, National Federation of Builders (NFB)

2015 National Company Award winners, 6 November