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Most Considerate Company

Devon Medical Turnkey Solutions Ltd

Devon Medical Turnkey Solutions specialises in the

construction and refurbishment of vital medical

imaging facilities in hospitals and medical

establishments throughout the UK.

When the Scheme Monitor visited one of the company’s

many refurbishment projects - an X-ray room in a major

university hospital – he was impressed with the

outstanding levels of “professionalism and commitment

to best practice, with systems and procedures more

typically associated with the larger enterprise”.

Fully recognising the sensitive nature of the location, the

company went above and beyond considerate practice

with a meticulous, well-presented and attentive approach,

making a highly positive impression on the large numbers

of staff, patients, and visitors affected by the operations.

The Scheme is conspicuously promoted to the public, as

well as the workforce, and with a first class safety record

and the demonstration of a strong culture of teamwork

and respect; this company’s approach is a fine example

of considerate construction and how smaller companies

can be a great credit to the industry.

This company demonstrated the highest levels of consideration

towards the neighbourhood and general public, the workforce

and the environment.

Up to £250k turnover