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From its base in Yeovil, Somerset, Yarlington Property

Management provides a repair and maintenance

service for a leading housing provider in the south west

of England.

The company prides itself on building close, professional

relationships, recognising that working in residents’homes

requires a high degree of sensitivity and consideration.

On a typical project to reinstate a property badly

affected by water damage, this approach was clearly

demonstrated using a well-established framework of

systems and procedures to engage with those affected.

Impressed with the levels of considerate co-operation,

the Scheme Monitor praised the high standards of

courtesy and respect shown to residents.

Company values have been reviewed and revised in line

with its aim to project a positive image in all aspects of

appearance and communication. Consideration for the

workforce was also illustrated by a high standard of

facilities and concern for health and welfare.

The impression given is that this is a truly people-

orientated company, firmly committed to serving its

community and workforce – an exceptional example of

construction at its most considerate.

£250k - £3.5m turnover

Most Considerate Company

This company demonstrated the highest levels of consideration

towards the neighbourhood and general public, the workforce

and the environment.

Yarlington Property Management