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2017 Checklist

Find out about the upcoming changes to the Monitors’ Checklist for 2017

Premier Workshops

The Scheme’s Premier Workshops are the nex


step to improving your considerate performa


e The highest performing companies and, for the first time, suppliers had their turn this year to be recognised for their most considerate efforts PAGE 26 2017 Monitors’ Checklists The Monit rs’ Checklists have be n r vised to reflect the ever-improving industry standards PAGE 6 AdvancedWorkshops The next step in advancing your knowledge of considerate construction PAGE 9

2016 National Awards Special

2 ceremonies, over 300 guests and 116 awards

47 Bronze, 33 Silver, 23 Gold, 8 Most Considerate Runners-up and 5 Most Considerate

December 2016

Issue 43

Improving the image of construction