Spotlight on... coronavirus

11 SPOTLIGHT ON... • All frontline security staff on the project were given a coronavirus safety kit box including face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. • Updating site safety induction to reduce the need for face-to-face contact and to prepare site teams before entering the site of additional safety measures and addressing travel to and accessing the site. • Mental health and wellbeing guidance and good practice provided to teams who are working from home during coronavirus. • Incentivising site teams to submit ideas the site could implement to help combat coronavirus. Winning suggestions won a prize and a separate amount to donate to a charity of their choice. • The project provided company branded face masks for all on site to protect the workforce but also to make them feel like they are part of a team. • To enhance the wellbeing of site teams a marquee was erected with an artificial grass floor, a chill out area with furniture and plants as well as a separate quiet area allowing the workforce to rest on breaks while maintaining social distance. • Installation of a 360 degree camera on the project allowing those working at home to feel connected to the project by seeing progress without having to physically be at the project. Workforce Ensuring the safety of the workforce is paramount. Please see some examples of health and safety measures which are being used by the construction industry below: • A hands-free water bottle refill station was installed, helping to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus by reducing touch points. • A new door entry system was installed which automatically counts people entering and exiting the changing room and will show a green light if safe to enter and a red light if not safe to do so. • Providing adult resuscitation kits which are positioned at all first aid points to ensure that each first aider is protected so they do not have to engage in mouth to mouth resuscitation. The Scheme will continue to update this campaign as new examples and resources on tackling the spread of coronavirus emerge. To share how you are addressing the issue of coronavirus, please contact the Best Practice Hub team by emailing The Scheme’s Best Practice Hub provides many more practical examples of what Scheme registered activity is doing to help minimise the spread of coronavirus and other external resources. To view all examples and external resources currently available on the Hub, click here .