Spotlight on... coronavirus

Spotlight on… coronavirus aims to raise awareness of the health and safety risks and issues associated with the coronavirus pandemic and provide the industry with guidance to stop the spread, protect the workforce and the wider community. SPOTLIGHT ON... 2 Spotlight on... coronavirus The Considerate Constructors Scheme has put together this awareness campaign to: • Encourage behaviours to help protect those that work across the construction industry, local communities, and the wider general public in reducing the spread of coronavirus • Provide links to relevant government test, track and trace resources • Provide practical examples of how construction activity is helping to minimise the spread of coronavirus in and around sites/premises • Signpost to other coronavirus external support resources. This campaign will be continually reviewed and updated in accordance with any changes to guidance and any new resources available. Please note that examples are provided with the aim of being a helpful support to you. What is coronavirus? Coronavirus or COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a ‘novel’ or newly developed coronavirus. Most people infected with the virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. However older people and those with underlying medical problems are more likely to develop serious illness. Worldwide there have now been more than a million deaths from this disease and more than 33 million recorded cases. The UK has seen more than 435,000 cases and 42,000 virus-related deaths and Ireland over 35,500 cases and over 1,800 virus-related deaths. The Considerate Constructors Scheme Checklist The Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice states that all registered sites, companies and suppliers are expected to care for the health and wellbeing of the workforce and provide and maintain high standards of welfare facilities. The Checklist used by the Scheme Monitors asks the following questions: • Does the site care for the health and wellbeing of the workforce? • Are suitable, hygienic and well-maintained welfare facilities provided within a reasonable distance of the work area? • How is the health and wellbeing of the workforce assessed and addressed?