Register with the Scheme

Register with the Scheme

The Scheme offers three types of registration depending on the nature of the company and the work it undertakes. Site Registration is for specific sites or projects and Company Registration may cover all the work that the company undertakes, depending on its annual turnover. Supplier Registration is for any company that supplies goods and materials to the construction industry.

You can be registered with the Scheme as both a site and a company at the same time, and many companies choose to do so in order to always benefit from registration.

Site Registration

Site Registration allows individual construction sites or projects to register, providing it has a duration of six weeks or more. Sites with a duration under six weeks can be considered for registration providing they are registered prior to commencement of works. Please contact the Scheme’s office to discuss.

Site Registration only covers the specific site or project that has been registered.

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Company Registration

Company Registration allows construction companies to register with the Scheme. Any company of any size can register, including trade contractors and those who work within the supply chain.

This type of registration covers the whole of the company and all of its work, depending on annual turnover. For companies with an annual turnover up to £3.5m, the registration covers all sites and projects that the company works on or manages, regardless of duration. For companies with an annual turnover greater than £3.5m, the registration covers working on any site or project under a main contractor, and all sites and projects where the company is the main contractor and the duration is less than six weeks.

If a registered company with an annual turnover greater than £3.5m is managing a site or project with a duration of six weeks or more, it will need to be registered separately under Site Registration.

Company Registration does not count towards BREEAM, the Code for Sustainable Homes or Ska. If you are working towards one of these accreditations, please register under the Site Registration option.

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As stated above, it may be appropriate for your company to register with both Site and Company Registration and we have many organisations who choose to do so. For example, your company may have an annual turnover greater than £3.5m and be the main contractor on a construction site which runs for more than six weeks. In this case, the site needs to be registered under Site Registration. However, your company may also undertake shorter duration projects (less than six weeks) or operate on other construction sites which are managed by another main contractor. Therefore, this work would be covered by registering with Company Registration.

By registering as both a site and a company, it means no matter what work you undertake, you will always be recognised as a considerate constructor.

Supplier Registration

Supplier Registration allows any company supplying goods and materials to the construction industry to sign up to the Scheme.

The Scheme recognises the valuable and vital contribution made by those companies supplying goods and materials to these sites and companies. They perform a vital role in the construction process, and equally, they have a responsibility to behave in a considerate manner at all times to ensure they portray a positive image of the industry they represent.

Supplier Registration covers the activities of the company at their place of work and when interacting with construction sites.

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If you are at all unsure about registration with the Scheme, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling 0800 783 1423


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