2014 Code and Checklist update


In January 2013 the Scheme launched a new five-point Code of Considerate Practice, a new shortened Checklist and an updated scoring system.

These changes have been incredibly well received by contractors and clients, and while this was the first major revision to the monitoring processes since the Scheme began in 1997, the Scheme has always had a policy of reviewing its Checklist each and every year to encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the industry. As standards on registered sites and companies improve year on year, the Scheme always looks to raise the bar and encourage the industry to achieve ever higher levels of consideration.

The Scheme has now reviewed the current Checklist to ensure it remains relevant and challenging and is pleased to publish the 2014 Code and Checklist which will come into effect on 1st January 2014.

The Scheme’s Review Group, a selection of its most senior and experienced Monitors, have reviewed best practice identified throughout the year to better understand how standards have improved. As a result, the Checklist for registered sites and companies has been reviewed to ensure that the questions, and associated prompts, clearly lay out the Scheme’s updated expectations.

Many of the amendments and additions have come through feedback from Scheme Monitors on those items where they have identified areas for development throughout the year. Some of the changes simply provide further clarification on what Monitors already look for when assessing the question without any fundamental change to the question itself. The Scheme has also consulted with contractors and clients to ensure their feedback and thoughts are considered as part of this review.


The Code of Considerate Practice has been slightly amended, changing the heading ‘enhance the appearance’ to ‘care about appearance’ as this was felt to be a stronger, more positive statement. ‘Care about their workforce’ has also been amended to ‘value their workforce’ for the same reason.

The amended Code of Considerate Practice can be viewed by clicking here

Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist

The Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist has undergone a more thorough review with a few prompts being removed, a number being added and some expanded upon to provide further clarification. One question, 5.8, has also been amended slightly.

There are a few changes which reflect a new requirement and it is important that these are identified and appropriate action taken to ensure sites continue to comply with the Scheme’s requirements. New prompts are highlighted in green, red text indicates where prompts have been removed and blue are amendments.

The new Site Registration Monitors’ Checklist with amendments highlighted can be viewed by clicking here

The Scheme has produced a detailed document outlining each of the changes so that these can be quickly and easily identified.

The summary of changes can be viewed by clicking here

Company Registration Monitors’ Checklist

The Scheme has also reviewed the Checklist for registered companies. The Company Registration Monitors’ Checklist has been revised to include the changed Code, as well as amendments and additions from feedback throughout the year.

The new Company Registration Monitors’ Checklist with amendments highlighted can be viewed by clicking here

These new standards will come into effect on 1st January 2014 and will apply to all sites and companies visited after this date.

Registration fees

The Scheme’s Site Registration fees are also being increased slightly to reflect the ongoing operational and development costs. The fee is still based on the site value and provides for:

  • High specification site specific poster(s) and, where applicable, banner(s).
  • Site Monitors’ visit(s) and report(s).
  • An on-going hotline to deal with comments and complaints from the general public.
  • Future developments of the Scheme.

The 2014 registration fees are detailed below and will apply to all registrations received after 1st January 2014.

Project valueCurrent 2013 cost
(excl. VAT)
2014 cost
(excl. VAT)
2014 cost
(incl. VAT)
Less than £100,000£100£100 (no change)£120
£100,000 to £500,000£210£215£258
£500,000 to £5 million£415£425£510
£5 million to £10 million£620£635£762
Over £10 million£825£850£1020