Safe Crane Campaign

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October 2008

The Strategic Forum for Construction’s Tower Cranes Working Group has launched a new initiative on behalf of the industry – The Safe Crane Campaign.  This Campaign is aimed at ensuring that tower cranes on UK construction sites are safely erected, maintained, operated and dismantled.
A range of best practice guidance has been produced and it is hoped that this will make a real improvement to the health and safety record of the tower crane sector. 

A poster has been produced to be displayed on any site where there is a tower crane. The posters are distributed to registered sites by the Considerate Constructors Scheme and provide contact information for the Site Manager and a link to the Safe Cranes website, so that any member of the public can then access information on the safe use of tower cranes, or raise any queries they have with the appropriate person.

The Scheme is delighted to be assisting in the administration of this campaign, which complements the Scheme’s aim of improving the image of the construction industry.

Says the Scheme’s General Manager, Edward Hardy: “The Scheme is delighted to be able to assist with the administration of such a worthwhile campaign, which I am sure will be embraced wholeheartedly by the industry.”
John Spanswick, Chair of the Strategic Forum, said: “I am immensely pleased with the work of and tangible actions produced by this group, which I think can act as a model for the industry of what can be accomplished on a issue when it works together.”