Schedule of Fees

Payment basis

Payment is required in advance by proforma invoice at the point of registration. Payment may be made for the full contract period* or on a 12 month basis.

All prices displayed are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

*Material changes in project value may incur an additional fee.

Payment methods

The preferred method of payment is debit card, credit card and BACS. We also accept cheques.

For registrations in the Channel Islands, and Republic of Ireland payment should be made by debit card, credit card or BACS.

Sites Registrations

Sites must be registered for the full contract period.

The registration fee is determined by the site’s value in accordance with the table below. Please note that if your project will be registered over more than one phase, each registration fee will be based on the value of that phase, rather than the total project value.

Project contract  value in GBP12 month registration fee in GBP
< 100k110
100k – <500k257
500k – <1m513
1m – <2.5m551
2.5m – <5m615
5m – <7.5m776
7.5m – <10m884
10m – <25m1,038
25m – <50m1,333
50m – <75m1,622
75m – <100m2,666
100m +3,105

Table 1: Site Registration Fees 2022

Ultra Site Registrations

In addition to the Site Registration Fee set out above, Ultra Site Registrations attract an annual registration Fee as set out in the table below.

The option to undertake the Leadership and Culture Module is included in these fees, and undertaking this module will be mandatory from 2023.

Project contract value in GBP12 month registration fee in GBP
10m – 50m1711

Table 2: Additional Ultra Site registration fees 2022

Client Site Assurance

Client Site Assurance programmes are individually developed for clients on a consultancy basis at a £350 day rate

Organisation Registration for Main Contractors and Sub Contractors**

Organisational turnover in GBPAnnual registration fee in GBP
250k – 3.5m612
>3.5m – 10m1,233
>10m – 50m1,872

Table 3: Organisation Registration for Main Contractors and Sub Contractors fees 2022

10% promotional discount

First year registrations

Main Contractor and Sub Contractor Organisation Registration is available to members of certain trade bodies and organisations at a 10% discount for the first year of registration.

For further information on this promotion, please click here.

Organisation Registration for Suppliers**

Number of depotsAnnual Registration Fee in GBP
Head Office and co-located depot460
Each additional depot thereafter200

Table 4: Organisation Registration for Suppliers fees 2022

Organisation Re-registrations 10% discount**

Organisation Registration lasts for one year from the date of registration. A discount will be applied to the appropriate fee for all Organisation re-registrations.

Leadership and Culture Module

In addition to the Site Registration Fee set out above, the Leadership and Culture Module attracts an annual registration fee as set out in the table below. The minimum registration period for the Leadership and Culture module is 24 months.

Organisational turn over in GBPAnnual registration fee in GBP
10m to 50m1711

Table 5: Leadership and Culture Module fees 2022

Additional monitoring

Additional monitoring is charged at a £350 day rate, with a minimum half day charge.

Training and workshops

Training and development workshopsFee in GBP per delegate
Half Day (three hours)183
Full Day (six hours, includes lunch)366
Private workshopsVariable – tailored to company needs

Table 6: Workshop attendance fees 2022

Monitoring visit cancellations

Short notice monitoring visit cancellations are charged as a percentage of the monitoring visit fee at the prevailing rate.

Cancellation noticeProportion of monitoring day rate charged
More than ten working daysNo charge
Eight to ten working days25%
Seven working days or less50%

Table 7: Monitoring visit cancellation charges 2022


Products included as part of a registration will not incur delivery fees.

Additional products and re-delivery due to missed delivery or incorrect provision of details, will be charged at cost.

Refund amounts

Cancellations should be made in writing to

Refunds will be made in the circumstances and to the amounts set out below.

Refund circumstancesProportion or registration fee refundable
Posters/banners have not been dispatched and no monitoring visits have taken place100%
Posters/banners have been sent, but no monitoring visits have been booked or taken place65%
Posters/banners have been sent and a monitoring visit has been booked and confirmed0%

Table 8: Refund amounts 2022


A range of products are included in your registration according to type of  on registration type.

View and purchase products


The fees for CLOCS monitoring are as follows:

  • For sites registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £235 +VAT per visit
    If, for reasons outside the Scheme’s control, CLOCS visits cannot be aligned with CCS site visits an additional fee of £50 per non-aligned visit may be payable
  • For sites NOT registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £410 +VAT per visit

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