Scheme applauds wolf whistling ban

Article shown in the Daily Mail newspaper

03 April 2008

Recent reports in the press about George Wimpey Bristol banning wolf whistling on its sites is music to the ears of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

For the past 10 years the Scheme has worked to improve the image of the construction industry by encouraging and rewarding considerate behaviour by sites towards their neighbours, the workforce and the environment.

Sites registered with the Scheme must follow its Code of Considerate Practice, in which one of the eight categories concerns ‘Respectful’ behaviour; specifically that ‘Lewd or derogatory behaviour and language should not be tolerated under threat of severe disciplinary action.’

Monitors for the Scheme visit registered sites (currently some 5500) and assess and score them against a Checklist, based on that Code of Practice. In order to comply with the Code, a site must satisfy the Monitor that the induction procedure deals with shouting or abusive language and instructs operatives in courteous behaviour towards the general public.

The result of this is that wolf-whistling should indeed be a thing of the past for contractors whose sites register with the Scheme; George Wimpey is applauded for its stance on this important issue.

The Scheme’s General Manager, Edward Hardy said: ‘Wolf whistling and other derogatory behaviour has for many years been considered unacceptable and should not be tolerated by the construction industry. It is fantastic to see that issues championed by the Scheme for the past 10 years are now becoming the industry standard and I hope that other companies will recognise the benefits that considerate behaviour brings for our industry’s image.’