Case studies

The Scheme has published a number of Site, Company and Supplier Registration-related case studies which give a real insight into how considerate constructors are implementing and exceeding the requirements of the Code of Considerate Practice.

Site Registration

Leaving a “lasting legacy” for the local community – Carillion plc’s West Ealing Sidings project

Carillion Rail’s  project to reinstate the railway sidings at West Ealing has been praised by the Scheme for its exceptional and excellent examples of best practice.

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“A real asset to London’s street art scene” – Interserve Paragon’s Project Manor

Interserve Paragon tapped into the art-rich culture of London’s Shoreditch to dramatically improve the image of its Project Manor refurbishment, with stunning results.

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“Considerate planning is the key to short project success” – Robert Woodhead Ltd

Robert Woodhead Ltd has proved how the considerate planning and preparation of a community skate park led to a smooth and successful delivery for client Nottingham City Council (NCC).

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Company Registration

Award-winning Barlow Construction & Renovation Ltd talks about its considerate successes

Based near Chorley, Lancashire, Barlow Construction & Renovation has been trading for over 30 years and has grown from a small family joinery to become a company of considerable size with extensive knowledge of the construction industry.

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Supplier Registration

Hoping the Scheme will enhance its operations as a new registered supplier – W11 Grab Hire

W11 Grab Hire is an umbrella company of Scheme Associate Member W11 Construction Ltd, supplying grab hire lorries in and around the West London area.

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Associate Membership

Taking utmost consideration over basement construction – W11 Construction Limited

Scheme Associate Member W11 Construction Limited prides itself on reducing nuisance wherever possible during this specialist residential work, investing in the latest equipment and techniques in consideration of neighbours.

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Client Partnership

Being a Scheme Client Partner helps igloo Regeneration to “set positive standards for the construction industry”

igloo is the UK’s leading responsible real estate business working with investors, communities, local authorities and landowners who want to make the world better, one place at a time.

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Scheme Supporters

Scheme Supporter status was “an obvious development” for the Institute for Collaborative Working

A mutual commitment to promoting collaborative working between large and small construction organisations and their communities led to the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) becoming a Scheme Supporter.

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