Scheme Founding Partner – Mulalley – celebrates achieving carbon-neutral status

One of the Scheme’s very first Partners – Mulalley – has been certified as carbon neutral, thanks to a rigorous sustainability management programme leading to company-wide energy savings and through helping communities in developing countries.

The considerate constructor implemented an intensive carbon and energy reducing management programme five years ago and the hard work paid off this year, with a sizeable 24 per cent reduction in its carbon emissions.

To achieve its carbon-neutral status, Mulalley was independently assessed by sustainability consultants, Carbon Footprint Ltd, which teamed up with the contractor in 2013 to formulate and implement a carbon management plan.

Mulalley’s aim was to accurately monitor and measure its carbon footprint, with the ultimate goal being to reduce its environmental impact and increase its overall efficiency. A variety of ongoing measures have been put into practice, including staff training, online training, upgrading of plant and vehicles, and investing in more efficient site accommodation, including the installation of solar photovoltaic panels.

Helping the developing world

The final step taken by Mulalley was to offset its unavoidable emissions by supporting four environmentally-friendly community projects in developing parts of the world.

Explaining this valuable work, Mulalley’s Associate Director for Sustainability, Peter Sharman said: “Mulalley chose to support various good causes including Carbon Footprint Ltd’s Ugandan Borehole Project which provided clean drinking water for the local people.

“In Kenya we introduced eco-efficient cooking stoves and in Chile we supported the Carbon Footprint Mariposas Hydroelectric Project, bringing economic benefits to the communities as well as reducing emissions. In India we supported a wind power generation project. I also took time out with my children to support an Eco Camp in Sri Lanka, where we all planted some trees.

“We found all of this work very rewarding and such an eye-opening experience. It was enormously satisfying to give something back to communities which do not have the basics we take for granted over here, such as clean drinking water and cooking facilities.”

Praising Mulalley’s success, Carbon Footprint Ltd’s Client Director Dr Wendy Buckley said: “This is a great achievement for Mulalley and one that marks them out as a leader.

“They have committed to measure, reduce and offset emissions that affect our environment on a proactive basis, rather than opting for just compliant measures.”

Carbon Footprint Ltd’s Solution

Carbon Footprint Ltd worked with Mulalley to provide a sustainability programme including:

  • Annual Carbon Footprint Appraisals
  • Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) support
  • Energy audits and documentation to help  with legal compliance
  • Providing various management workshops on topics such as sustainability, travel and internal and external sustainability marketing.
  • Access was also given to international and UK-based carbon offsetting programmes to fully establish Mulalley’s business as carbon neutral.
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The benefits for Mulalley

Mulalley has significantly reduced its carbon footprint, with the latest analysis showing a 24.2% reduction based on turnover.

It has now become more efficient and reduced its impact on the environment, as well as promoting awareness throughout the company, and is now seen as a leader in the field as a carbon-neutral organisation.

As well as choosing to support projects in Chile, India and Africa to compensate for its carbon emissions, the company is also actively reducing emissions associated with its vehicle and buildings’ energy use. It has also achieved certification to ISO 50001 and full ESOS compliance.

Eco-education for the next generation

Mulalley has also been taking the opportunity to share its energy saving success with schoolchildren and hopefully inspire them to be considerate future custodians of the planet.

Peter produced a useful flyer entitled ‘We only have one planet’, which has been distributed during Mulalley’s school visits, explaining how the company is striving to meet the needs of the present without compromising the resources for future generations.

Peter said in the flyer: “At Mulalley we take our sustainability responsibilities seriously and we have been measuring our carbon footprint for the last four years.

“Our 2016 carbon footprint results show a significant reduction in emissions exceeding all set targets and we have now become a carbon neutral business.”

The leaflet complements eco action games that help educate and engage people of all ages about the everyday, simple actions that can help preserve the earth’s resources.

The card game features different ways to save energy and water such as turning off taps, keeping showers short, turning off light switches, recycling clothes and turning off household appliances.

 Mulalley & Co – a brief history

Mulalley commenced trading in 1972 and is part of the Sherrygreen Group of Companies set up by the O’Malley family. Their primary business is construction and construction-related activities including new housing and development, new social and education projects, major refurbishment, estate and area regeneration, decent homes and planned and reactive maintenance.

The company, which is based in Woodford Green, Essex, has been a committed member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme since 1999, registering over 360 of its projects and becoming a Scheme Partner (formerly known as Associate Member) in March 2003.

Demonstrating its considerate credentials, Mulalley has scooped 87 Considerate Constructors Scheme National Site Awards, including seven in 2017. They have also committed the Scheme’s 100,000th registered site as an Ultra Site, further demonstrating their commitment to being a beacon of best practice.