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Michael Ellett, Senior Building Manager (L) with Larry Adetunji,

Larry has been with the team here at Kingston University Town House since April 2017. Throughout his time at the project Larry has gone out of his way to assist ourselves as the Willmott Dixon Site Management Team, the Supply Chain Partners on the project and the University Students, as much as possible.

Larry’s main role on the project is to ensure the safe entry and exit of vehicles from and to the main road. Larry does this role to the best of his ability each and every working day. Not only has Larry maintained a good working relationship with the drivers of vehicles, but he is also seen regularly assisting the University students, negotiating themselves around our site (the main building of the University, housing 7000 students, is adjacent to our site).

Although working on an agency basis via O’Neill and Brennan, Larry proudly wears the Willmott Dixon logo and truly buys in to the culture of our team. His attitude and behaviours on site mean that the front gate, which leads directly onto one of the busiest roads in Kingston-upon-Thames, is rarely discussed as an issue.

The project itself hasn’t helped Larry in his role, with excavation muckaway vehicles totalling some 80 entries a day and the pre-cast concrete frame totalling just under 800 vehicles over a nine-month period. Larry has gone above and beyond his ‘standard’ role as the Traffic Marshal and has made suggestions to the site management team as to items, large or small, that could be improved upon. These suggestions include the installation of a small CCTV system at the main gate and the painting of the concrete blocks that support the gate, highlighting them as a hazard.

Sammy joined the Galliford Try team in April 2018 as a gateman and traffic marshal for our Bishop Chavasse Primary School project in Tonbridge, Kent.

Ever since joining Galliford Try, Sammy has played an integral part in our site’s operations. His is the very friendly face you first see as you step foot onto site and he provides a warm welcome to all.

The project is difficult to manage due to the close proximity of a temporary school alongside the live site. Due to the site and school sharing the same vehicle and pedestrian entrances, Sammy is required to oversee the Galliford Try operations and also assist with the busy school drop-off and pick-up times.

At all times Sammy keeps a close eye on the young pupils and ensures their safety beside the live building site. He also assists with visitors and deliveries to the school, ensuring that people are directed to the correct locations.

Sammy continues to go above and beyond the normal role of a gateman by ensuring the smooth running of both the school and the site by utilising his level-headed approach. He rigorously enforces the strict site delivery times to ensure site deliveries do not impact upon the busy school drop off and collection periods.

One of the first to arrive on site and the last to leave, Sammy is always cheerful and happy, demonstrating an excellent attitude to life.

Sammy not only performs his duties well, but often takes the initiative to take on additional tasks during quiet periods, keeping the site entrance and welfare areas clean. He also clears the grounds of rubbish and ensures that paths are kept litter-free, as well as providing assistance to the school whenever he is able.

The schoolchildren were so happy to be greeted daily by Sammy that they asked their teachers to award him with a ‘Star of the Week’. He is an excellent ambassador for Galliford Try and the construction industry in general.

As Regional CCS Champion, I have visited several projects over the years and have clearly witnessed one of the best organised and most considerate projects I have ever seen, led by Site Manager, David Beasley. David only joined Stepnell at the start of the year but in his short time here has already raised the bar across Stepnell, sharing best practice amongst, not only colleagues and peers, but also our supply chain partners, who were all inspired by David to embrace the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. David was also instrumental in both verbally and actively submitting initiatives to our own internal ‘Good Ideas’ scheme, as well as the CCS Best Practice Hub. His enthusiasm for the Scheme is infectious and he has convinced even some of the more cynical members of staff to work together as a team; to not only meet the requirements of the Scheme, but to push the boundaries to strive for excellence.

From day-one of the project, David planned his site set-up and activities to ensure they met every element of the Code of Considerate Practice. He ensured that everyone visiting and working on the site was briefed on his arrangements and expectations at induction. This has included:

Care about Appearance

A high priority for David was ensuring that the public perception of the site was high and that a fantastic working environment was created for those working on the project. This included the erection of solid painted and well-maintained hoarding and laying tarmac throughout the site compound, material storage areas and parking area. This created a clean environment for the workforce and prevented the transference of mud onto the public highway. Regular communication was also made with neighbours seeking feedback on our appearance and David also implemented an ‘Operative of the Month’ Award, to promote good housekeeping. The winner received a £25 gift voucher and certificate.

To further enhance the appearance of the site, David has used a range of recycled materials (safety boots, hard hats, timber) to create colourful planters and bird baths that are distributed throughout the site.

Respect the Community

Engaging with the local community has not been without its difficulties, given that immediate neighbours include a national housing contractor building 130 new homes, some of which are now occupied. Two different civil engineering companies are also undertaking road works and another is carrying out utility connections. As David is the only one out of the five contractors to make contact with neighbouring residents, he has become the point of contact for complaints and queries regarding all construction works being undertaken in the area. Even though the vast majority of these complaints have not actually been anything to do with our works, David has always taken the time to respond to each and every query or complaint in person, assisting the residents wherever possible.

David also made contact with a local hospice, Garden House Hospice Care – a charity close to his heart which provides a wide range of services for patients, their carers and families facing life-limiting illnesses. David has since adopted the hospice as the site’s official charity and has been busy raising funds on site with a charity swear box, fines for incorrect PPE and even holding bake sales. Still feeling the need to do more for this worthwhile cause, the team have been busy working with the hospice wherever possible. This has already included volunteering at Muddy Mayhem – a muddy challenge organised by the hospice where over 750 runners ran an obstacle course. David and four members of his team helped to set up the course and then attended on the day as volunteer traffic marshals, ensuring that all participants and spectators were able to enter and leave the event safety. David has also volunteered his time, staff and materials to repair the hospice’s damaged and leaking roof, ensuring that Garden House Hospice Care can save their funds to provide vital care for their patients.

He has also arranged for the team, in partnership with our scaffolding subcontractor, to provide a scaffold stage and walkway for the hospice’s annual fashion show. David is also recycling wood on site to create bird boxes and bird tables for sale at the hospice’s annual garden fundraiser. Finally, in order to leave a positive lasting impression of Stepnell, and indeed the construction industry, on the local community, David is busy working with our supply chain partners to plan the creation of a new landscaped garden space. This will provide Garden House Hospice Care with a quiet area for reflection for patients, their families and staff, as a lasting legacy from Stepnell Ltd.

Protect the Environment

In addition to managing environmental issues such as noise and dust and tree protection orders on site, David has created an innovative solution to recycle wastewater on site. This is then used for watering his collection of plants and for washing down plant and machinery.

David’s innovative solution harvests waste water from the site office’s sink; this travels along guttering from the waste pipe at the rear of the site cabins into a raised tank created from surplus wood, lined with gravel and hessian. The filtered water then runs into a water butt on site. During April alone the site harvested approximately 1000 litres of water – this achievement was publicised to the local community and workforce by displaying an easy to understand poster showing the amount of full bathtubs in water recycled that month.

In order to capture this lesson and share it with not only Stepnell, but also the industry, David arranged for this to be submitted to the Stepnell ‘Good Ideas Hub’ and the CCS Best Practice Hub.

Secure everyone’s Safety

David recognised that an effective health and safety culture comes from the top and he truly leads his team by example, ensuring he is visible, approachable and displays his commitment to health and safety at all times. He operates a total ‘open door’ policy and actively encourages feedback from his site team, operatives, subcontractors, site visitors and the general public in order to continually improve performance. In addition, excellent health and safety performance is recognised in the criteria for receiving the ‘operative of the month award’ implemented on site to incentivise the workforce.

David also established weekly safety committee meetings with representatives from each subcontractor on site; feedback from previous meetings is discussed, as is performance against objectives and suggestions for improvement.

Value their Workforce

In addition to the implementation of a reward scheme to incentivise exemplary performance, David has provided a range of facilities on site for use by the workforce. This has included showers, complete with soap, shower gel, shampoo, towels, a shaving kit and even spare clothing.

Whilst Stepnell’s commitment to occupational health includes annual occupational health assessments for their workforce, David wanted to include our subcontractors, who are key members of our team on site. Whilst it was not financially feasible to pay for occupational health assessments for all of our subcontractors, David found a way to include them and introduced an on-site ‘Wellbeing Station’ – a dedicated area for use by everyone on site, comprising a set of scales, blood pressure monitor and tape measure. This also includes guidance on ideal, healthy measurements of staff, as well as individual Wellbeing Record Cards, to enable workers to monitor their own measurements.

In tandem with this, he has implemented a Wellbeing Calendar of Events, with each month having a different focus tied to national awareness days or weeks, and a range of events that the site team will organise to promote the topic each month.

BAM C UKAlan was nominated by BAM Construct UK Ltd for his work with their education officer.

Alan got firmly behind the ‘added value’ of what was trying to be achieved, which meant that whenever activities were planned that linked to the curriculum, he would volunteer without hesitation.

Alan was quick to volunteer his services and those of his site team when we set up our Malvern Spring Garden show exhibition – which thanks to his efforts, has grown to the largest education garden show in the UK recognised by the RHS!

Alan goes the extra mile to ensure that those who we might cause some disruption feel engaged in what we do on site.

On Alvechurch CE Middle, Alan ensured that the children in the existing school had a visit from Santa – on a dumper! Children in year two created drawings of vehicles while Alan arranged for visits to see them on site and then purchased a construction kit for the winning design!

On Parkgate in Shirley we were met with huge issues when we were asked to cut down ‘the ring of Oak’ around the site. Alan arranged for a section of the oak to be sent around to a local school. We then formed a relationship with two other schools and they all prepared artwork for the hoardings.

Alan held regular school sessions with other schools including a secondary and special needs school on site.

Alan also agreed to a ‘whole school visit’ with over 250 pupils visiting the site in one go – still a record to this day!

Ben deserves his recognition for all of his hard work over the years and also for the current project that he is working on. Ben always goes above and beyond what is expected from him, with residents and site operatives ensuring that he has a safe, clean and happy site.

Ben has been with the company for 30 years, from starting work on the tools and then taking on the role of site manager for the past five years. Ben is always looking for ideas to better his sites and always goes the extra mile with the residents.

Ben has had many visits from the CCS and currently holds the title within the company for the top scored site at 40 points! The current project we are working on had been scored 40 points on the first visit and Ben is very keen to beat his own score for when the Monitor returns in the summer for the second visit.

I came into the company around four and a half years ago as a Resident Liaison Officer and was given this great opportunity to be enrolled in education and also to become a site manager in the future. Ben is a fantastic role model for me and I have learnt so much from him over the years of working for Standage. It is also a great bonus to say that Ben is my father and growing up seeing such a hard-working man who has now set the bar so high.

I feel that Ben is a key example of what is expected from CCS and also Standage as a company.

Ben is planning on his retirement from the company this year and what better way to give Ben the recognition he deserves for all of his CCS input than becoming a Scheme Hero!

Glenn has worked for BAM for 36 years, and has experience on education and commercial buildings in busy residential and central London locations. He co-ordinates the logistics onsite and is a qualified slinger, signaller and crane supervisor.

Glenn takes personal pride in the projects he works on. I am always confident of positive outcomes when Glenn co-ordinates logistics and is looking after our site perimeters. He is a real asset to BAM and always a pleasure to meet.

Andy Mason, BAM Construction London Construction Director

I have worked with Glenn for a little over 10 years on some challenging projects. The confined, restricted environment of many central London projects requires a strict hand with those attending the site whilst having a caring understanding of the local community. Glenn has always been pivotal in achieving this blend to the successful delivery of many of our projects. Glenn always keeps me informed of all communication with the public and can often be found directing tourists or answering questions from passers-by in between monitoring a crane lift or steel delivery. As our eyes and ears, Glenn is often the first point of contact with the public and has always been commended on his polite and helpful attitude.

Justin Brown, BAM Construction London Project Manager

Along with Justin, I have worked with Glenn for over 10 years and he always goes the extra mile to ensure those external to the site have a positive experience and perception. Using two-way radio with an ear piece to keep communication effective and quiet, Glenn ensures the exterior of the site is kept clean, tidy and well presented, that deliveries are efficient and disruption is kept to a minimum. Glenn has been a pleasure to work with and is an asset to the business as well as a great promoter of being a considerate contractor.

Kevin Sims, BAM Construction London Senior Project Manager

On approaching the immaculate site hoarding, Glenn was well presented in branded PPE, patrolling the gate area. He shook my hand and welcomed me into the site.

Mike O’Donohoe, BAM Construction London Regional Design Manager.

Glenn is always willing to help improve the image of construction. He co-ordinates a workforce gang to keep the site perimeter tidy, and always appears well presented. All the CCS posters and other signage are always neatly displayed. He ensures waste management is carried out correctly by the trades onsite and is committed to reducing waste and diverting from landfill and segregation of waste streams.

Hanna Hayward, BAM Construction London Sustainability Advisor

During the build programme Andrew has continued to go the extra mile in promoting public relations. He visited the local school, Wykebeck Primary, to complete a Health and Safety talk in February 2017, by dressing up as both Ivor and Honor for two separate sessions. He then arranged for an additional school visit to teach the year 3 pupils bricklaying skills by building with Rubber Bricks; basically a fun session to promote the CCS and liaise with our neighbouring pupils.

Andrew also made an extra effort every week to complete a litter pick session with two on-site general operatives at the external boundary of our site, and on local public playing fields, to clean up rubbish and improve the area.

The new build Leeds Care Home project contract period is a 14-month programme and Andrew personally visited the local shops adjacent to the site entrance on a monthly basis – as well as the adjoining area – to find out that if they had any queries or concerns. He also wanted to see if the site could do anything further to improve what it was currently doing, always going the extra mile.

Andrew also published and distributed newsletters and letter drop to the local properties and businesses on a monthly basis, providing updates on how the Scheme was progressing. Andrew was never asked to complete these tasks – he just did it on his own accord.

Paul O’Byrne, Health & Safety Manager; Maria Elena Candilio, Traffic Marshal; Kevin Gunson, Site Manager.

From left: Paul O’Byrne, Health & Safety Manager; Maria Elena Candilio, Traffic Marshal; Kevin Gunson, Site Manager.

Knight buildMaria joined Knightbuild in May 2017 as a traffic marshal based on our 7 Grange Road Project and quickly shone as an extremely professional and dedicated traffic marshal. When the Westminster Fire Station Project commenced later that year, Maria was an obvious choice to join the traffic marshal team on this busy central London street.

Maria is the public face of Knightbuild and has really bought into the idea that the Considerate Constructors Scheme is focused on improving the image of the construction industry.

Maria takes great pride in her work and her approach to her everyday traffic marshal duties have been commended by neighbours, passers-by and site management, with numerous compliments submitted by email and the suggestion box on the hoarding on the front of site. Maria stays busy, and in between deliveries she can be seen maintaining the general site appearance by watering the flowers in hanging baskets, sweeping the footpath, cleaning hoarding and assisting vulnerable road users where needed.

Maria has built up a rapport with most of the neighbours in the area on all of the projects she has worked on, and neighbours could regularly be seen calling to site for a chat with a friendly face. Maria is always well presented, polite and considerate and someone who personifies the idea of being a considerate constructor.

Maria’s day-to-day duties include managing the movements of vehicles to/from site while ensuring public safety; however Maria regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty, always with a smile on her face.

Maria is an excellent ambassador for Knightbuild and a valued member of the team. If every construction site had someone like Maria, we feel the image of construction would be so much better and it is for this reason that we would like to nominate Maria as a Considerate Constructors Scheme Hero.

Lee gives 100% to all tasks that are carried out.

When call outs to site accrue, Lee can always be depended upon, day or night, to be there for Keepmoat when required – no task is too big or too small.

Lee is a true ambassador for Keepmoat, showing professionalism and respect at all times, and flies the flag for company when dealing with tenants.

When new starters arrive, Lee will always guide them where to go and to whom they are there to see, making them feel welcome on the site.

In summary, Lee always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Throughout the entire duration of constructing the extension and alteration works to Pannal Primary School, Billy showed kindness, consideration and care to the whole school.

Billy puts himself forward for numerous tasks to assist everyone at the school and is popular with both adults and children alike, always wearing a broad smile on his face.

During this project, Billy delivered all the neighbourhood flyers and helped the children to spread new bark around the school grounds. He also cleared snow and spread salt during the winter, ensuring safe entry and exit. He even donned Pudsey Bear, Easter Bunny and Ivor Goodsite costumes at relevant times, both entertaining the pupils and teaching construction safety awareness.

We believe Billy goes above and beyond what is expected of him, always has a broad smile on his face and gains the trust and admiration from all around him, both young and old.

Over and above the standard facilities provided to the workforce, our site at Overton Phase 4 (The Macallan Warehouses and FSDU Building) has a working garden and recreational area on site.

The area consists of a vegetable patch, a greenhouse, a variety of beautiful plants, a crane planter, benches, a sun lounger and a mini pitch-and-putt golf course. In addition to the outdoor area, there is also a tuck-shop available in the gatehouse. This initiative has been developed by Alex Clark (Gateman).

Alex has put in a huge amount of effort and time into this space whilst continuing his work as a gateman. He has produced an area which benefits not only the workforce on site but also the environment and local charities as it continues to grow.

The outdoor area has been completed by reusing materials from the site, largely pallets, apart from the plants and vegetables which were bought with proceeds from the tuck-shop. The client provided the hole and flag for the pitch-and-putt. Even the golf clubs and putter are made from recycled timber.

The initiative has been very popular with the workforce – they visit the area every day to monitor the vegetables and plants. The outdoor seating is so popular at break times (when the sun is shining) that Alex is in the process of building another bench.

The site team is planning on charging the workforce a small fee for playing on the pitch-and-putt course, with the incentive of a tuck-shop treat for anyone that gets a hole-in-one. All proceeds from the tuck-shop and pitch and putt course are being donated to local charities.

higgins logo

Sarah has been involved in this project since day one and a large part of the success of this project has been down to Sarah and her enthusiasm. The project is in the middle of a residential area with another contractor working alongside us. Sarah has been key in ensuring communication with the residents has been maintained.

It is testimony to Sarah that this site has had no real issues with any of the local residents as she has worked tirelessly to not only ensure that they know what is going on, but that they know they can come to her if they have any questions.

Aside from the day to day involvement Sarah has done a huge number of school visits and charity events and all have been undertaken with her typical enthusiasm.

The project team are grateful they have Sarah on site as she is the face of Higgins in the local community which allows them to get on with building the project. We all wish we could clone Sarah and have one of her on every site!

The site Sarah is based on has so far had a 9 in the community section for their CCS visits in all three visits; has been commended in the reports for her work and as such we would like to see her recognised as a Scheme Hero for her constant commitment and enthusiasm.

Tony Maguire, Construction Manager and Sarah Clark, Senior Resident Liaison Officer.

TARMAC FC 01Mark Gambles works in Tarmac’s Traffic Management (TM) division.

Mark’s work as a  traffic management operative is exemplary and of the highest calibre. He remains cheerful and friendly, sometimes in the face of aggressive behaviour.

No matter the circumstances, Mark can be seen talking to the public and helping them to safely get through our busy sites, whether they are motorists or pedestrians. Mark always goes the extra mile, and is regularly seen carrying shopping bags, pushing wheel chairs and push chairs, and personally escorting people through the works, particularly the young, elderly and others needing assistance in whatever form.

His time on the West Bridgeford scheme, where he stepped up to fulfil the role of Public Liaison Officer on what was a potentially difficult site in a very busy residential and commercial area, propelled his approach onto another level.

The contractor received in the order of 100+ compliments on this particular scheme, all of which centred on Mark and his interaction with the public.

Neil, a regular CCS Champion at 20 Farringdon Street, was nominated by Wilson James for his overwhelming contribution to every aspect of the Scheme’s Code and Checklist.

Neil is a hard working employee with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry.

He regularly carries out checks on all aspects of the site ranging from appearance, to liaising with the community and supporting the workforce.

Neil goes out of his way to promote health and safety on site and has forged excellent relationships with neighbouring companies, keeping them up to date with monthly newsletters, which he helps to produce and distribute.

Neil further demonstrates his considerate nature, by monitoring noisy work times that have been pre-agreed and communicated with the neighbours.

He has contributed to a positive site appearance, by making innovative suggestions to continuously improve the image of the project, company and overall construction industry. One example of this included turning old scaffold boards into flower planters, which have been complimented by passers-by and visitors, alongside the conversion of hard hats into hanging baskets.

Neil also came up with the idea to install viewing panels in the hoardings, to allow members of the public a unique insight into a live site; monitoring progression and development of the construction process.

When the nearby Prêt a Manger, located two doors away, experienced a smashed glass door due to poor weather conditions, Neil was first on the scene, demonstrating his caring and professional nature. His calm and organised approach helped to safely direct members of the public away from the area, as well as managing the clean-up operation.

Neil is a valuable asset to the workforce, contributing to regular toolbox talks involving various trades on site, and passes on his experience where warranted to new starters and apprentices. He is a fire marshal, actively helping with fire alarm testing and audits.

Neil is a true ambassador for Wilson James, showing professionalism at all times and setting an excellent example to the industry.


Roy works tirelessly night and day, long hours and most weekends, primarily to make sure that the site is clean, tidy and safe.

He makes a point of getting to know all the new residents as they move into their properties on site, and they all know that if they need assistance with anything, he will gladly help. He has cut lawns, emptied bins, cleared household rubbish, swept paths etc. No job is too big or too small. Roy’s respect for the community is second to none.

Roy always has a smile on his face and takes great pride in his work, which is carried out to the highest standard. Not only will he complete the tasks that have been assigned to him, but you’ll often find Roy taking the initiative and lending a hand wherever it is needed, whether that’s unblocking a foul sewer without complaint, painting a wall or digging a hole.

As his manager Bryan Worth puts it: “In the building trade I have often heard the phrase that somebody is ‘worth two men’, but this has never been entirely accurate until I met Roy.”

Left to right: Neil Mackay – Managing Director, Urban Union. Roy Graham – Site Labourer, Robertson Partnership Homes Ltd. Brian Pettigrew – Construction Director, Robertson Partnership Homes Ltd.

Robert joined the team as a handyman and in his short time with us, has made a vast contribution to the site. He has come with up with some fantastic recycling ideas that have made a real difference to the site in terms of sustainability.

Robert has also taken it upon himself to organise skip deliveries and change-overs, and coordinate the site labourers and traffic Marshalls. He has now become a Fire Marshall and plays a pivotal role in this position, assisting the site management team. Robert is constantly devising ideas to improve the site in terms of health and safety and appearance, and has become a great asset to the site and team.

He is extremely courteous to the public, the client and visitors alike, taking great pride in how the site is portrayed and perceived. He has gone way beyond the role he was originally employed to do and relishes the daily challenge of a busy building site. Nothing fazes him.

With the correct training and mentoring he will go far within the industry. Although he has only been a UK resident since November 2016, Robert has certainly demonstrated his will to make a life for himself and his family in this country, and a keenness to improve his industry knowledge. Robert will go far with this ‘go for it’ attitude.

I feel Ashley deserves recognition for all the hard work he has put in whilst working on the above project. Ashley lacked full knowledge of CCS and what it brings to our industry. However when I was looking for a CCS champion for that project not only did he jumped at the opportunity but also excelled in all areas. Resulting in 2 scores of 41.

Ashley is in his early 20’s and is still in the learning process to become a project manager, I feel that he is a prime example of what CCS and I would like to see in future site management. Keen, compassionate and caring.

Ashley’s community work and wellbeing of site personnel on the above project was fantastic.

He was integral in the £20k refurbishment project we did for Southwark Cathedral

He arranged London to Brighton cycle to raise money for our chosen charity MacMillan Cancer,

He provided healthy eating days for site operatives,

He carried out mental health questionnaires for all site personnel,

He did CLOCS with dedicated cycle routes for site operatives,

He had a TV installed in welfare to raise awareness to prostate cancer together with handout leaflets,

He also arranged the MacMillan coffee morning and stood out at London Bridge station collecting in a bucket for cakes. We raised £3000.

I’ve been a safety professional for 20 years and a CCS promoter since it’s launch in 1997. If Ashley is the sign of things to come we are in a good place.

Kamil joined us as a site labourer after being selected by an agency and always comes across as a very happy and pleasant member of the workforce. He has attended site every day and always comes into the site office to find out what is needed on a daily basis.

We are large site and Kamil has stepped up to become a charge hand to the other labourers as the site has grown. He makes sure the other labourers are working and has the next job ready for them once they have finished. He also checks that they have the right PPE and serves as a great example to the team on presenting a good image of construction to the public.

Kamil’s duties range from opening the stores, checking fuel and assisting the site manager and engineer. He is the man we rely upon to sort out labour for the odd jobs that are always cropping up and he is always on the ball and ensures the work is done.

Kamil came into construction when he moved from Poland and has all the correct cards to carry out his duties, as well as being a very helpful member of the team.

Knight buildSince joining Knight Build Ltd in February 2015, David has established himself as a prominent figure in the company. David is currently working as a Traffic Marshal in the busy location of Sloane Avenue, Central London. His approach to his everyday Traffic Marshal duties has been commended by both the public and Site Management.

David ensures that the safety of the public is maximised at all times and he is well known as a “people’s person” on this project, and previous projects which he has worked on. He has built up a local rapport with the neighbours and local residents, introducing himself and updating personnel of both ongoing and forthcoming works. David ensures that he helps the community in whatever way he can, whether it is dealing with queries, assisting with deliveries for local residents, aiding personnel crossing the road, washing vehicles or windows to neighbouring properties.

It is of no surprise that we have received e-mails such as the following message: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your team for the professionalism and the friendly approach. In particular I would like to highlight David the Traffic Marshal. David has been very helpful, professional and is always willing to help. It has been a pleasure having David as a traffic marshal near to Joseph premises.”

In addition to the above, David ensures that the general site appearance is maintained for the duration of the project; the blooming flower baskets he maintains have received many comments from passers-by and CCS Monitors alike. David also contributes to the company’s monthly ‘See It Say It’ scheme and he has been rewarded on several occasions for his suggestions and efforts. His ideas have helped improve our site appearance.

Overall his general attitude, his approach to everyday life and his ability to use such attributes while acting as a Traffic Marshal are testament to David. He is a great ambassador for Knight Build Ltd and sets an excellent example to the Considerate Constructors Scheme and the construction industry as a whole.

W11LogoOnsite, Joe is seen by many as the banksman who manages the traffic and washes down the pavement – but there is more to Joe than meets the eye.

Joe is well respected among the neighbours who always speak highly of him and go out of their way to inform the contractor of the great job Joe’s doing.

Joe’s passionate about his job, always puts others first and is a pleasure to be around.

Phil Wakefield – Managing Director Of National Building (left), Alan Mulligan, Site Security & Liaison, Carillion

carillion-logoAllan Mulligan has been nominated because:

This project was situated in a difficult position – being accessed via a cul-de-sac and therefore detailed consideration and hands-on management was essential to ensure a positive outcome.

As a CCS Most Considerate Constructor National Award 2017, the Monitors’ scoring indicated that exceptional standards were achieved with this project, obtaining maximum points in two of the five sections of the Code of Considerate Practice.

For the Care About Appearance section – Alan Mulligan, our Site Gateman, maintained and monitored the site appearance.

Respect for the Community – Alan worked hard to ensure that all issues where dealt with promptly.

Protect the Environment – Alan’s own idea to re-use timber offcuts and provide useful products for local residents, really achieved a sustainable outcome.

Secure Everyone’s Safety – Alan always ensured that all vehicles were parked within the site and not allowed to park up in approaching roadways.

Value their Workforce – As our gateman, Alan was an integral member of the site team providing point of contact to assist site management with any operational issues. His presence at the National Site Awards presentation demonstrated just how valuable he is as a member of the team.

The Monitor’s reports clearly outline the ‘front end commitment’ of the first point of contact for all third parties and the local community and Alan collected offcuts of timber and made some small tokens to distribute to residents who had been particularly helpful and communicative.  The team thought this was a great idea and, with their help, Alan put together some garden ornaments and planters which were passed onto the residents to thank them for their support during the construction phase.

Stories like this show how every one of us can make a difference and underpin why people are so important in making Carillion a great place to work

Dawid is a gateman employed by Willmott Dixon Construction, working at the construction of Hoe Valley School in Mayford Village, Woking, Surrey.

The Hoe Valley School development is a £36m development for Woking Borough Council, consisting of a new school, leisure centre, IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) standard running track, 3G Pitches, grass pitches and multi-use games areas.

Dawid was originally employed as a site labourer but when the opportunity arose for a position as a gateman, he asked for a chance to take on that role.

After receiving training, Dawid took his role seriously and with a combination of his approachability, friendly mannerisms, infectious laugh and excellent attitude to life and commitment, very soon became an integral part of the site team.

Dawid manages all the deliveries and vehicles coming in and out of the site, and also pedestrians and vehicles; and with a project valued at almost £37m, there are numerous deliveries and visitors on a daily basis.

We have never heard anyone say anything negative about Dawid as he is always cheerful, happy and willing to help, whilst doing his job. This can be very hard at times, but he always has a big smile on his face.

Dawid is always well presented, polite and considerate; someone that we are happy to place at the forefront of our site, representing our site and organisation.

As such, we feel that Dawid deserves to be nominated for CCS Heroes Scheme.

Here are some of the many positive quotes made about Dawid:

Andrew Coulson, Willmott Dixon Safety Manager

As a visitor to this site, I always find Dawid very friendly, approachable, cheerful and well presented. Couldn’t really ask for more!

Marc McWilliams, Project Manager from Blanchard Wells said:

We have found Dawid Musial to be nothing but helpful and courteous in our onsite dealings with him. He has always displayed a positive attitude towards our workforce and is a credit to his employers.

Tony Powell, Site Manager from Blanchard Wells said:

Dawid has always been helpful when dealing with our deliveries and the public, he is a credit to this site.

Saif Masud, Apprentice Build Manager, Willmott Dixon Construction said:

Dawid has been a great help in dealing with deliveries and coordinating between trades, always putting others before him, always having a good laugh but keeping it on a professional level.

Kim Hammond, Site Administrator, WIllmott Dixon Construction said:

Always been greeted with a smile and welcoming face, having respect for all who comes on site and also public walking by.

Alex Ware, build manager, Willmott Dixon Construction said:

Dawid since the start of the job has been polite and kind with everyone onsite, always keeping things on a professional level, never heard a bad word said about him.

Martin Ballard, Group Environmental Manager, Willmott Dixon Construction said:

Main entrance gateman to be commended for most welcoming and attentive style, setting standards expected on arrival and good directions to site.

Local Resident, Egley Road, Woking said:

Just wanted to say a big thank you to your gateman, who was more than helpful when we asked for help to look for our cat, who we thought may be lost somewhere on your site.

ass-maceTariq started at the Mace Tottenham Hotspur Stadium project in October 2017, as a Mace Logistics storeroom assistant. He was quickly picked out from the workforce due to the energy and enthusiasm he put in to his role. Tariq always has a smile on his face and embodies the spirit of the Considerate Constructors Scheme by caring about the work that he does and always going the extra mile to ensure the highest standards of work are undertaken. Tariq’s initial role was to ensure site workers’ kit was clean and tidy, including the changing room facilities. There was a noteworthy improvement in the level of these facilities after Tariq joined, due to his diligence which won him an award in the monthly site awards.

Due to Tariq’s approachable manner and the dedication he applied to his storeroom assistant role, he was approached and offered a job by site subcontractor, GKR Scaffolding. He started working with GKR in November 2017 and made an impression on GKR Manager Anthony Patrick who said that Tariq has been an excellent member of the team. He gives his all to the project, actually cares about the work he is doing and is always happy while doing his job. He has also become a very popular member of the team due to his willingness to always help out when he can.

Tariq is an advocate of CCS and assisted with preparing for Mace’s recent Monitor visits. His dedication to the workforce embodies the spirit of CCS and should be commended.

Left to right: Paul Gilligan – Project Manager, Wills Bros John Paul Joint Venture (WBJPJV), Mick Dolan – Foreman, WBJPJV, Brian Sheriff, Dan Arnold – RPS Environmental Clerk of Work, WBJPJV

Since September 2015 Brian has been involved in moving over 45 hairy wood ant nests, along with the site Environmental Clerk of Works, during the major dualling of the A9 scheme in the North of Scotland.

As the scheme is fully within the Cairngorm National Park, there was a requirement for the contractor to translocate this species to suitable habitats due to conservation concerns. Brian was committed and interested in helping with this process of translocation and, together with the Environmental Clerk of Works, set about ensuring the correct method was followed. Brian displayed excellent awareness and ability in undertaking this sensitive and complex work, going well above and beyond his standard working remit. The scheme was awarded a score of 9 for “Protect the Environment” in both Considerate Constructor Scheme Monitor reports and this score reflects the efforts Brian made during his work to translocate the wood ants.

Brian’s efforts meant that the Enviornmental Clerk of Works was able to communicate more effectively with the workforce in educating and enhancing the environmental performance of the site, thus raising and maintaining standards during the two year construction period. Brian took a genuine interest in the translocation work and was informed on success rates etc., by the Environmental Clerk of Works.

The scheme has been heavily praised by the Cairngorm National Park Authority on the works undertaken and this is partly down to the hard work of Brian who deserves recognition for the work and dedication he has made to “Protecting the Environment”. A Cairngorm National Park Authority ecological representative gave the following feedback for the scheme: “The group have been impressed with the work carried out to secure the population of wood ants on that part of the scheme and are keen to see that good things can be taken forward to the other projects.” This work recently featured in the Daily Record newspaper and has been nominated for a Nature of Scotland Award; these accolades are down to the hard work of individuals like Brian who rarely get the thanks and gratitude deserved.


W11LogoKaz has been nominated by W11 primarily because, under huge pressure from a well-recognised complainant, he has always been level headed, kind, reassuring and happy.

Kaz is hugely liked among his operatives and consultants alike. At the last audit from the Association Of Structural Underpinning Contractors, Kaz made the visiting director feel extremely welcomed while providing a tour of the site.

The director, on leaving the site, commented he had never come across someone as approachable and welcoming as Kaz.

Edwin was selected by an agency and joined us as site labourer. The first time I met him, he had travelled for two hours before reaching the site. Ever since then, he has attended site every day and always starts off with a cheery “good morning!” He is always courteous and friendly and the lads
on the site have a lot of respect for him.

We are a small site and Edwin is normally around to greet and assist our visitors. He always has a smart appearance and looks after his PPE, serving as a great example to the team on presenting a good image of construction to the public.

His duties range from opening the stores, checking fuel and water levels, cleaning and servicing the site welfare and offices, and assisting the engineer. When he has completed these tasks, he always approaches me to check if there is anything else requiring attention. He routinely checks the fence and footpaths near the site for debris and ensures the signs and wayfinding notices are in good order, which has been quite a task in the recent storms.

Edwin is the man I look for when on site and the man I approach for the odd jobs that are always cropping up. He has never let me down.

Edwin came into construction through necessity and has found a job that gives him satisfaction and rewards. He is originally from much warmer climes and came to the UK to find work.

Left to right; Ezequiel Vizcano – Site Labourer, Bowmer & Kirkland. John Clarke – Director, Bowmer & Kirkland

This is a different nomination in that it does not follow the usual very direct link with construction site activities, but identifies the actions of two individuals who have clearly gone out of their way to help a young man with a number of medical conditions back into employment.

The work that Nick Whyment and Penelope Ware have been doing to help young man, Jamie Winter, back into the world of work after suffering a catalogue of personal health issues, is truly commendable.

Jamie suffers from a range of conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, glandular failure, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, as well as associated mental health issues. However, since he has been employed by the A14 team for 10 hours per week, his wellbeing has drastically improved.

Jamie’s positive story demonstrates how the companies involved – A14 IDT (Nick) and Carmichael UK (Penelope) – have a remarkably inclusive approach to recruiting site staff. This is all thanks to the ongoing support given by Penelope in helping Jamie to find work and the flexible approach taken by Nick in relation to Jamie’s employment. This serves as a fine example of how typically encountered barriers and difficulties can be surmounted with an open mind and caring approach.

There surely can be no better way for the individuals concerned to demonstrate how they ‘Value their Workforce’, as outlined in the CCS Code, whilst also significantly demonstrating two of the A14 IDT project values – ‘Respecting and caring for each other’ and ‘Ownership’.

Nominee, Pam Hobson, A14 IDT Stakeholder Director said: “Having worked with both Nick and Penelope for a period of time I can confirm they are both caring and committed members of the A14 team and are true ambassadors for the values that both the CCS and the A14 IDT are striving to deliver.

“I was personally unaware of the work that Nick and Penelope had been doing with Jamie until Carole (Jamies’ Mum) wrote a letter of appreciation to CCS and I think the letter, which has been included with this nomination form, speaks for itself. I do believe that both Nick and Penelope are true Scheme Heroes.”

This is a different nomination in that it does not follow the usual very direct link with construction site activities, but identifies the actions of two individuals who have clearly gone out of their way to help a young man with a number of medical conditions back into employment.

The work that Nick Whyment and Penelope Ware have been doing to help young man, Jamie Winter, back into the world of work after suffering a catalogue of personal health issues, is truly commendable.

Jamie suffers from a range of conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, glandular failure, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, as well as associated mental health issues. However, since he has been employed by the A14 team for 10 hours per week, his wellbeing has drastically improved.

Jamie’s positive story demonstrates how the companies involved – A14 IDT (Nick) and Carmichael UK (Penelope) – have a remarkably inclusive approach to recruiting site staff. This is all thanks to the ongoing support given by Penelope in helping Jamie to find work and the flexible approach taken by Nick in relation to Jamie’s employment. This serves as a fine example of how typically encountered barriers and difficulties can be surmounted with an open mind and caring approach.

There surely can be no better way for the individuals concerned to demonstrate how they ‘Value their Workforce’, as outlined in the CCS Code, whilst also significantly demonstrating two of the A14 IDT project values – ‘Respecting and caring for each other’ and ‘Ownership’.

Nominee, Pam Hobson, A14 IDT Stakeholder Director said: “Having worked with both Nick and Penelope for a period of time I can confirm they are both caring and committed members of the A14 team and are true ambassadors for the values that both the CCS and the A14 IDT are striving to deliver.

“I was personally unaware of the work that Nick and Penelope had been doing with Jamie until Carole (Jamies’ Mum) wrote a letter of appreciation to CCS and I think the letter, which has been included with this nomination form, speaks for itself. I do believe that both Nick and Penelope are true Scheme Heroes.”