Scheme history made as Norris becomes first Supplier Partner

The Scheme is delighted to welcome leader in waste management, Norris, as its first Supplier Partner.

Supplier Partnership has been introduced to enable Scheme-registered suppliers to demonstrate and promote the highest standards of considerate construction.

This new type of registration is available to all registered suppliers who have consistently improved their standards in considerate construction, in line with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

Norris has been serving the construction industry, local communities and businesses for over 45 years and has enjoyed a long and successful history with the Scheme, receiving six consecutive annual National Awards.

Norris’s Sales Director, Kieron Norris, said:

Norris has always been proud to be a market leader in our industry and we see being the first Considerate Constructors Scheme Supplier Partner as a privilege and an honour.

The Scheme is undeniably the industry standard when it comes to improvement, progress and, in so many cases, excellence.

Our ethos has always been to constantly improve and develop our business model, in not only delivering our customers’ requirements that are constantly evolving, but also to take into consideration the public and community’s perception of our industry.

I believe that having the CCS branding on our vehicles, uniforms, PPE and other marketing mediums gives the construction industry and the observing public reassurance that we are committed to delivering an outstanding level of service.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive, Edward Hardy said:

Suppliers perform a vital role in the construction process, and therefore have a responsibility to behave in a considerate manner at all times to ensure they portray a positive image of the industry they represent.

The Scheme is delighted to have Norris as its first Supplier Partner. The commitment Norris is making reflects their desire to be at the forefront of best industry practice in considerate construction. We look forward to other high-performing suppliers making this commitment.

Opening new doors

Commenting on the potential future opportunities, Kieron said: “As more local authorities, councils and governing bodies now place an emphasis on recognised standards, we hope that the Supplier Partner registration will open many doors and opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.

“As a Supplier Partner we also envisage greater engagement with new customers and clients to forge solid and successful working relationships.”

Supplier registration allows any company supplying goods and materials to the construction industry to sign up to the Scheme and enjoy the benefits of registration.

All suppliers of goods and materials of all types and sizes, including large national suppliers, regional suppliers and specialist suppliers can register with the Scheme at any time.

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