Scheme launches new banners


The Considerate Constructors Scheme is delighted to announce the launch of its newly-designed range of banners which are now available to all registered sites.

There are six new banners available, with five designed to directly support the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice explaining to the public what it means to be a considerate constructor.






For those sites that prefer to promote the overall aim of the Scheme, rather than focusing on single elements of the Code, there is also a redesigned version of the classic white banner which the Scheme has been providing since 1997.


The new banners are a result of working closely with the Scheme’s Associate Members, Client Partners and with the general public through focus groups. Since the Scheme began, it has been using the classic white design with very little variation over the years. It was decided that as the Scheme continues to grow and as an ever-increasing number of sites register, it was time to review the design of the banners which appear all over the UK to ensure they continue to promote the fantastic efforts of the industry.

Comments received from the public highlighted a need to explain in more detail what it meant for a site to be registered, and from this, it was decided that a focus on each element of the Code would provide a better understanding.


The decision to use people on the banners for the first time, as well as a strong and positive statement relating to one element of the Code, not only reinforces how the industry is changing but also makes the banners more public-friendly and relatable.

The new banners are available in small, large and mega sizes and can be purchased from the Scheme at any time. The price of the banners remain the same, with a small costing £57.50 (+ VAT), a large at £75 (+ VAT) and a mega at £275 (+ VAT) each. If a site would like to order all five banners which relate to the Code, they can be purchased at the discounted price of £230 (+ VAT) for small, £300 (+ VAT) for large and £1,100 (+ VAT) for mega. Please note that the set of five banners does not include the classic white design.

When a site is in the process of being registered it will be offered the choice of design it would like, providing it has qualified for a free banner. Sites will also be given the choice to upgrade and purchase all five designs at a discounted price. If a site has already registered, individual banners or the full set can be purchased at any point by contacting the Scheme.


On the launch of the new banners, Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy commented:

The new banners mark a milestone in the Scheme’s history. This is the first time we have fundamentally changed how the Scheme’s signage looks, but the new banners will hopefully better inform the public about the efforts every registered site is making in order to improve the image of construction.

If you would like to purchase the new Scheme banners, please call 0800 783 1423 or email

If you would like to register a site, click here