Scheme launches new e-learning course to tackle the issue of occupational cancers

The Scheme has introduced a new e-learning course to address the issue of occupational cancers in the UK and Irish construction industries.

Due to the health and safety risks associated with construction work and the various harmful substances encountered potentially on a daily basis, construction workers are at a much greater risk of developing an occupational cancer than any other industry group in the UK.

With over 40% of occupational cancer deaths arising from the construction industry, it is important that the industry does not continue to overlook the issue of occupational cancers. With this in mind, the Scheme’s new ‘Occupational Cancers’ e-learning course focuses on how the construction industry can take practical measures to minimise exposure to hazardous substances and to protect the health and wellbeing of the workforce.

The online course is now available for registered users of the Best Practice Hub, which has received over 3.3 million page views since its launch and over 50,000 e-learning courses have been taken.

Scheme Chief Executive, Edward Hardy said:

There is no doubt that the shocking number of deaths and long-term illnesses caused by significant exposure to carcinogens in the workplace needs greater attention by everyone. We must continue to improve our standards in how we raise awareness and understanding of the risks and how to take measures to, where possible eliminate them, or at the very least minimise them.

We call on everyone across our industry to take the Occupational Cancers course and to encourage colleagues, friends and family members to do the same.

The ‘Occupational Cancers’ e-learning course follows on from the Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on… occupational cancers’ campaign and its supplementary follow-up article, which have proven hugely successful in raising awareness of this issue.


Click here to take the ‘Occupational Cancers’ e-learning course

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