Major trade show UK Construction Week joins Scheme

UK Construction Week (UKCW) – one of the largest trade shows for the built environment – has become a Professional Partner of the Scheme.

As a Professional Partner, UKCW has made a commitment to improve the image of the construction industry and comply with all aspects of the Scheme’s Event Code of Considerate Practice.

Construction industry-related events impact on local communities, the environment, and the workforce, and therefore have a huge impact on the image of the construction industry. The Code and its associated guidelines support such events and help to ensure they reflect positively on the image of the industry, showcasing it at its very best.

They have a hugely important role to play in ensuring that standards in considerate construction are met and improved upon year on year.

Event Code of Considerate Practice

The Scheme’s Event Code complements and builds upon UKCW’s Exhibitors Code of Conduct Policy, which was introduced in February 2018. It consists of five key areas:

  • Care about Appearance – Events should present a positive, professional image at all times.
  • Respect the Community – Events should be a good neighbour and support the local community.
  • Protect the Environment – Events should minimise their environmental impact.
  • Secure everyone’s Safety – Events should take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all.
  • Value the Workforce – Events should care for and support all those working at the event.
UKCW Event Director Nathan Garnett said:

It absolutely makes sense to apply the principles of the Considerate Constructors Scheme to a major national event of this scale. UK Construction Week is the construction industry’s largest event, covering more than 70,000 square metres and with more than 650 exhibitors. It is, in effect, one big construction site for many days and has many of the same impacts.

Having this partnership with the Scheme is a fundamental part of our commitment to ensuring a considerate event of the highest quality, which also promotes a very positive image of construction to everyone involved during the week and behind the scenes.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said:

We are delighted to welcome UKCW as a Professional Partner of the Scheme. UKCW is in a prime position of working in collaboration with its exhibitors, supply chain, workforce, presenters and attendees to ensure a positive image of our industry, not just for themselves, but for the industry as a whole.

As with all Scheme-registered construction sites, companies and suppliers we will be monitoring, providing guidance and creating reports for UKCW on the event’s performance, and how it can raise its standards even further in the future. We will be monitoring various aspects of the event, including the set-up and dismantling as well as monitoring the event itself. Each stage of the event has an impact on the environment, workforce and the local community – in this case the event’s attendees and local communities surrounding the event venue.

We look forward to our partnership with UKCW and helping the event raise its standards of consideration in these three critical areas.

The Scheme will also be speaking on three panel sessions at UKCW 2018 from 9-11 October at the NEC, Birmingham.

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