Site managers praise Scheme Monitors



Site managers of registered sites have been praising the Scheme’s Monitors, and according to the last quarter’s survey results, many are extremely happy with the Scheme.

Once a Monitor has visited a registered site, he or she will write a report on the visit and issue a score out of 50 against the Code of Considerate Practice. When the report is sent to the site, included in the email is a link to take a survey which site managers are able to complete and tell the Scheme their thoughts on the Monitor visit.

After every quarter the results are analysed and provide the Scheme with a snapshot as to how registered sites feel about the monitoring process and the Scheme in general. The results from Q3 this year are extremely positive, with all questions receiving the highest average score of 2013 so far.

The results show that sites are extremely satisfied and appreciative of the Monitor visits and enjoy being able to discuss what the site has been doing to improve the image of construction. Although the Monitor is there to assess the site against the Code, site managers find real value in being able to discuss the project and learn from the Monitor’s experience. In Q3 alone, site managers have praised Monitors for their industry knowledge, expert advice and helpful guidance which have been of great benefit to registered sites.

Here are just some of the comments about the Scheme’s Monitors from the Q3 survey:

Many thanks to Barry Brettell for his guidance, knowledge and professional manner – a pleasure to deal with.

Gordon Topham explained everything that needed explaining and his knowledge of the industry is exceptional.

Andrew Pratt was very helpful and informative. He was polite and pleasant, and I found the experience most beneficial, personally and for the project.

I felt the visit by Mike Worrall was very relaxed and informal. He discussed ways of improving our image and relationship with the community and our employees. It was a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

At the beginning of this year there may have been some trepidation from sites over the introduction of the new Code, as it was the first time it had changed since the Scheme began in 1997. The start of the year may have created a sense of uneasiness for some sites as they adjusted to the change of being monitored against a different Checklist. However, as the year has progressed, it is clear that the industry has grown comfortable with the new Code and is enjoying the challenge of raising the bar of considerate construction ever-higher.

This year also sees confidence returning to the industry as reports of growth in new orders and construction output continue to steadily increase. As new orders rise, so too have the number of sites and companies that have chosen to register with the Scheme. Just earlier this year the Scheme reported that registrations were up against 2012; further proof that not only is construction activity on the increase but that the industry is proactively choosing to go above and beyond the statutory requirements in order to improve the image of construction.

With the industry showing signs of growth, and with sites not only enjoying the benefits of the Scheme but also registering an increasing number of projects, 2014 looks set to be a very considerate year.

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