Site Registration

Annual/phased registration

All sites with a duration longer than 18 months must be registered either annually or in natural phases.

During the registration process, you will be asked to enter the start and completion date of the project and confirm how long you wish the site to be registered for. If the project is to be registered for more than 18 months, this will necessitate multiple registration phases, and the online registration process will perform a quick calculation to attribute a ‘phase value’ to each registered phase based on the overall contract value and the duration of that phase.

Phase value = (overall contract value / overall duration of entire project in weeks) x number of weeks in the proposed registered phase.

The registration fee for each phase is then based on this phase value.

For example

If a project with a total contract value of £200m is to be registered from 01/07/2017 to 30/09/2020, dividing the total contract value by the number of weeks (169), gives a weekly value of £1.18m.

This weekly value is then used to determine the value of each registered phase.

If the project is split into two simple annual phases lasting 52 weeks, and a final phase lasting 65 weeks, the phase value of the first two will be just under £62.5m and each would be charged the appropriate registration fee. The final phase would have a value of £77m.

However, if the project is registered in four phases running from July to December, January to December, January to December and then January to September, the first and last phases are 26 and 39 weeks respectively, giving phase values of £31m and £46m, and the registration fees for these phases would be based on these amounts. The two middle phases lasting 52 weeks each would have a phased value of £62.5m each.

To view the Site Registration fee bands, click here