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Terms of Associate Membership

Companies are asked to apply for Associate Membership in writing. They may then be invited to become Associate Members by the Scheme’s Board.

The Scheme Director nominated as Associate liaison may visit potential members to assess their suitability for membership.




The criteria for acceptance are as follows:

  • Apply for Membership at group level rather than as an individual, subsidiary company of a group.
  • Have historically registered an acceptable percentage of their previous sites with the Scheme, normally at least 60%.
  • Be able to demonstrate a level of compliance, at least 1 point above the national average on all registered sites at the time of request and during membership.
  • Have a minimum of a 3 year history of registrations with the Scheme.

Once a company has been accepted as an Associate Member:

Associate Members will:

  • Register all sites (in excess of six weeks’ duration), paying the appropriate fee.
  • Register sites with a duration of over 18 months/78 weeks either annually or in natural phases.
  • Maintain membership for a minimum of three years.
  • Pay an annual fee of £3000 plus VAT for Associate membership.
  • Achieve, at least, compliance with the Scheme’s Site Code of Considerate Practice on all registered sites.
  • Ensure all employees are aware of the Associate Membership and what this means (it is recommended that key personnel attend either a Scheme Seminar or Workshop or other relevant events).
  • Nominate a Board member to act as contact and to represent their company at all Associate meetings.
  • Promote the Scheme and its aims to their clients and, where appropriate, encourage Clients to become Client Partners of the Scheme.
  • Provide a link from their website to the Scheme’s website.
  • Encourage membership of the Scheme’s ‘Company Registration’ initiative.
  • Ensure that all construction activity, including any which cannot be registered, is conducted in line with the Schemes Code of Considerate Practice.
  • Offer support/advice to non-registered companies where possible.
  • Be open to provide case studies as required.
  • Act as an ambassador for the Scheme and encourage others to join.

The Scheme will:

  • Publicise the company’s Associate Membership.
  • Issue an Associate Membership logo for use on all marketing and other company material.
  • Issue an Associate Membership certificate and plaque.
  • Provide meetings/dinners to discuss Scheme issues and to meet other Associate Members.
  • Provide monthly benchmarking information and statistics comparing the Associate’s scores with the national averages.
  • Assist the Associate Member company in meeting the aims of the Scheme.
  • Use Associate Members’ sites for Scheme promotional activities.
  • Provide a link from the Scheme’s website to the Associate’s website.

Encouraged activities for Associate Members

The Considerate Constructors Scheme works with its Associate Members to encourage the ever improving performance of construction activity across the industry.

The Scheme operates in many sectors and areas within the UK construction industry and Associate Members are encouraged to support the Scheme in all that it does.

Activities Associate members could therefore consider are:

  • Encourage sub-contractors and suppliers to separately register with the Scheme.
  • Register high profile or high impact sites as Ultra Sites.
  • Encourage local smaller builders around registered sites to see what they could do to improve their working practices.
  • Support Scheme recognised charities.
  • Enter sites in the Ivor Goodsite hoarding competition.
  • Provide the Scheme with regular best practice initiative updates to appear on the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub.
  • Assist the Scheme in promotional and other marketing activities.

Please click here to download the Terms of Associate Membership

If your company wishes to become an Associate Member, please email us at the following address or apply in writing to:

Considerate Constructors Scheme
Associate Membership
PO Box 75
SG12 0YX