Site Registration

BREEAM and Ska

The Scheme understands that many sites register to help achieve their required rating with BREEAM or Ska.

Working with the Scheme, BREEAM and Ska credit registered sites according to the score they achieve on their report following the Monitor visit. Please see below for details on each organisation.


BREEAM have confirmed that one credit is available for achieving compliance (required for certification) with the CCS, two credits for significantly exceeding compliance and a third exemplary credit for demonstrating an exemplary level of practice.

CreditsScore required to achieve credits within BREEAM
125 – 34*
235 – 39**
3 (exemplary credit***)40 or more**

* a score of at least 5 in each of the five sections must be achieved.

** a score of at least 7 in each of the five sections must be achieved.

*** Note, this is not applicable to EcoHomes.


The criteria for Ska accreditation is for registered sites to achieve a score of 35 or above.