Site Registration

How to register a site

Any activity that could be viewed by the general public as ‘construction’ can be registered with the Scheme.

The duration of the work should be longer than six weeks. Construction sites should register with the Scheme before the project, or phase, begins.

Sites with a duration under six weeks can be considered for registration providing they are registered prior to commencement of works. Please contact the Scheme’s office to discuss.

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Most sizes and types of ‘construction’ activity can be registered with the Scheme. To register your site(s), please complete an online registration:

Online Registration

This online system allows you to register and pay for the registration of your site(s) online.

You can choose to pay by cheque, BACS, secure credit or debit card payment or pre-pay at the end of the registration process.

The registration system is made up of several pages, where you will be asked for specific information relating to your company, client and the project you wish to register.

At the end of the registration process you have the option of approving the information to appear on the posters that will be issued to your site(s).  This information can only be approved online if the optional fields called Site – Telephone: and Local Authority: (both on the site details page) have been completed. If you do not know the site telephone number or the Local Authority at this time, you will be contacted to confirm the information after the completion of the online registration process. In some cases, when posters are approved online, it may still be necessary for us to contact you to seek confirmation of specific details.

To register your site, please click here

If you have any questions or comments regarding the online registration process, please email or telephone 0800 783 1423.

Long duration Site Registration

All sites with a duration longer than 18 months are registered either annually or in natural phases.

Each registered phase/year will receive new posters and additional visit/s.

Once a site, or registered phase of it, has completed, it is eligible to win a National Site Award. Sites registered either annually or in natural phases could win more than one National Site Award.

The fee payable when registering phases/years can be worked out by dividing the total contract value by the number of phases/years. This figure is used as the registration value against the Scheme’s price bands.

Please click here for further information on annual/phased registration of sites.