Site Registration

The site monitoring process

Virtual monitoring visits – Guidance Note for CCS-registered activity

The Scheme will continue to conduct monitoring activity virtually alongside the practice of offering on-site in person visits where requested by CCS-registered activity.  In this case an on-site visit can be arranged with a CCS Monitor, provided the Site Manager or appropriate contact can confirm that appropriate Covid-19 prevention measures are in place in line with the Site Operating guidance provided by CLC and Construct Scotland.

Please see guidance below:

  • At an agreed time and using an agreed video conference platform, the Monitor will carry out the virtual monitoring visit. Visits will typically last 1-1.5 hours, and Monitors are flexible with which video platform is used. The different ways Monitors have been carrying out their visits include using WhatsApp, FaceTime (iPhone/iPads only), Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams.
  • During virtual visits, Monitors are using their judgement to focus discussions on the most relevant areas for construction activity at this time, such as the current Site Operating Procedures. Monitors also understand which areas may be less relevant at this time, taking account of the unique situation everyone is facing currently.
  • CCS-registered activity receiving a virtual visit may share documents or images with the Monitor in support of any points they have made during the virtual visit. This should be discussed with the Monitor prior to or during the visit to decide the best way to share these with the Monitor. Free-to-use document sharing platforms include Dropbox and WeTransfer.

For any further questions you may have around virtual visits, please email


A registered site will be contacted by a Monitor approximately one quarter of the way into the registration to arrange a suitable time to visit. The purpose of the visit is to subjectively assess the level of conformance the construction site has achieved against the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.

Sites are normally monitored twice, usually one quarter and two thirds of the way through the registration, unless they are of short duration and will therefore receive only one visit.

At a previously agreed time, the Monitor will carry out the site visit. The time taken depends on the size and location of the project and the work stage and complexity. A visit time of between one hour and one and a half hours is normal for an average registration.

The Monitor is looking at how the site represents the company and the industry. During the visit, the Monitor will assess the perimeter of the site, the access to the site offices and the facilities provided for the operatives. The Monitor will also review whether the site’s procedures are in accordance with the Scheme’s Code.

A Monitor is permitted to inspect the working site, but this is not a requirement of the process and should not be expected. The Monitor will not assess the safety of the working site.

The Monitor will produce a report for the site manager and this will include the score achieved against each of the five categories of the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. The purpose of this score is to indicate how well the site is performing against the Code.

Additional visits will be made if a site fails to meet the expectations of the Scheme or if otherwise deemed necessary by the Scheme’s Monitor. Sites wishing to have additional visits for other reasons will be asked to pay an additional fee.

The Scheme also offers contractors who have registered for the first time the option of having a New Contractor Visit (NCV). NCVs are carried out by a Scheme Monitor who will visit the main office address provided upon application to help explain the Scheme’s aims and expectations, as well as answering any queries the site may have about registration. NCVs are offered to new contractors free of charge.

Additional monitoring for sites with an annualised registration value of £75m and over

Projects with an annualised value of £75 million and over will be entitled to receive one Advisory Meeting prior to the first scored visit in each year of registration.

These Advisory Meetings are similar to the ones carried out under the Ultra Site initiative, where Monitors will meet with the site to discuss their considerate activities and suggest areas for improvement. Advisory Meetings will normally take place at least one month before the first scored visit to give the site the opportunity to act upon any advice or guidance given, or to address identified areas for development.

Following the meeting, the Monitor will prepare a report which includes the site details, the site description, an Executive Summary and a brief description of the discussion under each of the Code items, divided into ‘good practice’ and ‘areas for development’.

Due to the size and complexity of these larger sites, Monitor visits will often take longer than the usual time allocated to most registrations. This is so that a better overall understanding of the challenges and complexities of each project can be gained. These sites will also receive additional signage as part of the registration, which are listed here.