Site Registration

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars, Workshops and Advanced Workshops are designed to help anyone associated with construction activity understand the aims of the Scheme and how to adhere to the Code of Considerate Practice. These events are suitable for site managers, head office support staff, clients and anyone who would like to know more about the Scheme.

They are held across the UK throughout the year and are presented by specially trained Monitors who will inform and inspire.

Seminars, Workshops and Advanced Workshops are extremely popular so it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. To attend a Seminar, Workshop and/or Advanced Workshop, please call 0800 783 1423 or email

These events allow for plenty of opportunity to ask a Scheme Monitor any questions you may have regarding considerate construction. Attending a Seminar will also gain you 2 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD), while a Workshop gains 3 hours CPD and an Advanced Workshop equates to 6 hours. CPD certificates will be awarded for completing a Seminar, Workshop or Advanced Workshop.


The Seminar is designed for contractors, clients, head office staff and other professionals who are unfamiliar with the Scheme and provides a general introduction and an understanding of the basic requirements of registration.

This is unlikely to be suitable for those who have worked with the Scheme before who may find it more useful to attend a Workshop or Advanced Workshop instead (see below).

Here are just a few comments from those who have benefitted from attending a Seminar:


Perfect basis from which a new contractor can gain a full understanding of the Scheme.

Very interesting introduction on the Scheme.

Informative, especially to newcomers to the Scheme.

Useful for the overall Scheme scope.

Attending a Seminar costs £95 (+ VAT) per person and gains you 2 hours of CPD. Please see below for dates:

DateTimeLocation (click for details)Booking form
03/10/201710.00 – 12.00 Edinburgh

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14/11/201710.00 – 12.00 Bristol

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23/11/201710.00 – 12.00 London

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workshop-1The Workshop is aimed at those who already have a good understanding of the Scheme and wish to advance their knowledge of considerate construction.

Workshops explain how to perform beyond the basic requirements of registration and give examples of what sites have done to win National Site Awards. They include lively discussions with attendees on how they have implemented the Scheme on their sites and generating ideas on how to further improve.

Here are just a few comments from those who have benefitted from attending a Workshop:

Very well balanced and informative.

I would recommend it to our subcontractors so that they are aware of your requirements and it would help us on sites.

Very good, clear and concise.

We shall be recommending this to our directors and client.

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed both sessions (Seminar and Workshop) and how informative I found them. I really felt that they enabled me to get into the ‘mindset’ of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and this proved to be true for when we had the first visit from our Monitor.

Attending a Workshop costs £130 (+ VAT) per person and gains you 3 hours of CPD. Please see below for dates:

DateTimeLocation (click for details)Booking form
14/09/201713.00 – 16.00 Norwich  SOLD OUT!
03/10/201712.45 – 15.45 Edinburgh

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12/10/201713.00 – 16.00 Leeds

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14/11/201712.45 – 15.45 Bristol

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23/11/201709.30 – 12.30 London

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23/11/2017*13.00 – 16.00 London

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*This session is only available to those who attend the morning Seminar

Attending an all-day event, where you attend a Seminar in the morning and a Workshop in the afternoon, includes a buffet lunch. However, please be aware that these are two individual events and therefore include an element of overlap and duplication in a few areas.

The Scheme is also able to provide a private Seminar and Workshop to a contractor at their chosen location. For more information, please call 0800 783 1423 or email

Advanced Workshop

Learn how innovative ideas and practices are formulated, and gain a more rounded and comprehensive view of the Scheme’s requirements.

Develop the skills needed to attain the very highest standards of considerate construction.

Advanced Workshops are an all-day event costing £320 (+ VAT) per attendee and will gain you 6 hours CPD.

It was a real pleasure to meet fellow industry professionals and to explore ideas for raising the bar even higher. The day led to healthy discussion and a bit of competition to generate ideas that we could deliver in our companies. Exploring the Best Practice Hub in a group setting was a valuable part of the day.

Further information on dates and locations for all future Advanced Workshops will appear here.