Site Registration

Once a site is registered

All sites registered with the Scheme are monitored by an experienced industry professional to assess their performance against the five-point Code of Considerate Practice. The Code of Considerate Practice commits those sites registered with the Scheme to care about appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, care about safety* and value their workforce.

The three main areas that the Scheme’s Code covers are:

The neighbourhood and general public

Registered sites should do all they can to reduce the impact of construction activity on anyone affected by their work and should aim to leave a positive impression on their neighbours.

The workforce

Companies managing registered sites should do all they can to be a considerate employer. They should provide clean and appropriate facilities for all those who work for them, and treat every employee with respect.

The environment

Registered sites should do all they can to reduce any negative impact they may have on the environment, and should work in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable manner.

Registered sites will be sent Scheme-branded signage which must be displayed in accordance with the Scheme’s requirements. Site managers are advised to read and download the contents of the Welcome to Site Registration page so they understand the expectations of registration and are fully prepared for their Monitor’s visit.

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