Site Registration


The benefits of registering your site with the Scheme include:

  • Membership of the nationally recognised Considerate Constructors Scheme endorsed by local authorities and the Government.
  • A competitive edge in winning new work.
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme branding and recognition.
  • A means of demonstrating to your potential clients a willingness to aim for standards beyond statutory requirements.
  • Independent assessment of your site by experienced industry professionals.
  • Listing on the Construction Map
  • A means by which you can assess and benchmark your own performance and strive for development and improvement.
  • The possibility of winning National Site Awards
Aspire Defence Capital Works
By being part of the Scheme it demonstrates to our project stakeholders and the wider community that we are serious about protecting the environment and engaging with our client, our workforce and our neighbours.

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Southampton City Council
Registration has been a totally positive experience which has helped managers and trade staff to focus on and improve each and every aspect of the service they provide.

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Wates Retail
The Scheme is making a big difference in improving the image of construction. If there was ever evidence needed, then take note when you next pass a project that is registered, and a scheme that isn’t, and compare the differences; the scheme that is registered gives you an instant feel of professionalism and someone who cares.

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MWH Treatment Ltd
The Scheme has done wonders for the image of construction and it is great to reflect on how much improvement there has been throughout the construction industry in all sectors. Sites appear more professional, are now far less disruptive to local communities, environmental impacts are minimised and stakeholders are better managed.

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Canary Wharf Contractors
The Scheme is invaluable in creating a consistent benchmark for construction sites to work towards. It gives specific direction and support for sites to improve and raise their profile. As a result of the Scheme, it is producing great champions for the industry and constantly raising the bar for sites to aspire to. The Scheme is extremely worthwhile and has added enormous value to how we operate as a site.

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