Spotlight on… apprenticeships



The Considerate Constructors Scheme is pleased to publish its new ‘Spotlight on…’ initiative which focuses on the importance of apprenticeships.

The Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on…’ aims to look at different areas associated with improving the image of construction, and hopes to raise awareness among registered sites and companies on how they can help with the issue.

As the construction industry rebuilds itself from the recession, there are concerns that a lack of skills and resources will impact upon its growth. There are already a number of published articles which discuss how these two areas are now the biggest challenge the industry faces, and offering apprenticeships is one way to combat this.

A large number of construction companies already offer apprenticeships but more can be done to train and support anyone who has an enthusiasm to work in construction. The advantages of offering apprenticeships are numerous and it is not just the apprentice who will reap the benefit; employers and the wider community will also see a positive difference.

‘Spotlight on… apprenticeships’ provides the industry with information, case studies and links to other organisations and bodies which will enable anyone to find out more about apprenticeships and how they may be able to offer opportunities of their own.

Through taking action to help tackle the issues highlighted under ‘Spotlight on…’, the construction industry can play an important role in making a difference, and ultimately, improve the image of construction.

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