Successful first 6 months for the Best Practice Hub

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The Considerate Constructors Scheme launched its Best Practice Hub on the 13th January 2015 and in just 6 months has had a formidable uptake. 

Created in accordance with the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, the Hub is a unique database available to anyone free of charge, hosting a wealth of best practice examples, innovations and case studies to help constructors learn from their peers and raise standards throughout the industry.

The response to the Hub has been fantastic, with Stephanie Taylor, Sustainability Senior Manager for Mace commenting:

“The CCS Best Practice Hub has helped us deliver some excellent results as people can now get a better understanding of what best practice and innovation looks like and what initiatives, ideas and events they can promote on site to continuously improve the image of construction.”

In a recent survey the Hub was described as “really useful” and an “excellent source of ideas.” The findings from the survey were hugely positive with 100% of people surveyed saying they would recommend the Hub to others in the industry and 97% confirming that they found the Hub a useful resource for searching for examples of best practice.

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Since the launch the Hub has:

  • 605 registered users
  • 344 new examples of best practice making up a database of almost 1,000 entries
  • Had 26 registered companies submitting their own examples, with 55 examples of best practice shared with the industry
  • More than 18,000 individual users
  • Over 25,000 sessions on the website have been recorded
  • Over 119,000 page views
  • Been viewed for an average of 6 minutes by visitors
  • The Hub has been viewed over 1,100 times in USA, over 200 times in France and a further 43 countries where the Hub has been viewed 10 or more times
  • 594 Twitter followers

The Hub has continued to develop and expand,  and during the first 6 months there have been several new additions and improvements made.

They include:

Important Dates and Events Calendar

This section highlights relevant calendar dates which can be used to raise awareness and increase interaction with the workforce and the community.

For example you can see what can be done to support Grown in Britain week in October.

Click here to visit the Important Dates and Events page.

Scheme ResourcesScheme resources

The Scheme Resources page includes information and links to posters, films and training documents available to registered sites, companies and suppliers.

Support and guidance is available to gain a better understanding of the Scheme’s Code and aims to raise the image of the construction industry.

Click here to visit the Scheme Resources page.

Top Contributors Leader board 

This Leader board highlights the companies and individuals who have submitted the highest number of entries to the Hub.

Bouygues UK is currently the Top Company Contributor with 7 entries and Els Geurts is the Top Individual Contributor with 6 entries.

Click here to visit the Top Contributors Leader board.

Top contributors14.07

Look out for new Hub features coming soon, including:

  • A new case studies page which categorises each case study by sector
  • The next Spotlight on campaign which focuses on raising awareness of Occupational Cancers
  • The third edition of the Best Practice Hub newsletter Innovation Today 

Benefits of registering with the Best Practice Hub:

  • Add comments and feedback to examples already on the Hub
  • Rate existing examples with a score out of 5 stars
  • Add your own examples of best practice and take your place on the Top Contributors leader board
  • Save your searches on the Hub to view at a later date
  • Receive the quarterly Best Practice Hub newsletter – Innovation Today
  • Receive regular updates and information on new and exciting features as they become available

To contact the Best Practice Hub with feedback, suggestions for improvement or any other queries please email us:

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