The benefits of registering as a supplier with the Scheme include:

  • Membership of the nationally recognised Scheme endorsed by local authorities, the Government, main contractors and major industry clients.
  • Gaining a competitive edge with prospective clients by demonstrating a commitment to the highest standards.
  • Considerate Constructors Scheme branding and recognition.
  • Listing on the Scheme’s website which may be used by main contractors or members of the public to find companies and evaluate performance.
  • Independent assessment of your company and sites by experienced industry professionals.
  • A means by which you can assess and benchmark your own performance and strive for development and improvement.
  • The possibility of winning National Supplier Awards.
It has been a very positive experience, both in understanding the CCS criteria of ‘what good looks like’, to what ambitions considerate constructors should have, and what improvements we could make to our operation.

There have been some really positive improvements such as eco-awareness, cleanliness and the importance of encouraging a healthy workplace, with unhealthy habits such as smoking becoming a negative subject.

Continued exposure to the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) community has a positive effect on our own client base, with advising on their site set ups to meet or exceed CCS criteria on what looks good.

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