The Scheme is a not-for-profit organisation financed solely from the registration fees.

The fee is designed to cover the operation and development costs of the Scheme and provides for:

  • High specification poster(s) and vehicle sticker(s)
  • Supplier Monitor visit(s) and report(s).
  • An on-going hotline to deal with comments and complaints from the general public.
  • Future developments of the Scheme.

The cost to register a single location will be £431 (+VAT), which covers the annual office visit and the above branded materials.

The cost of registration for suppliers with two to four depots is £754 (+VAT). This covers the office visit, one annual validation visit to another location/depot as well as the branded materials.

If the registration includes more than four depots, an extra £109 (+VAT) per depot will be added to the fee. For example, a supplier with eight depots will be required to pay a total of £1190 (+VAT) (£754 plus 4 x £109 for the extra four depots).

Please see the table below which shows how the fee increases according to the number of depots being registered under a single registration.

The Scheme has updated the registration fees for Suppliers for 2020. Please see the below

No. of depotsAnnual registration fee
1£431 (+VAT)
2 – 4£754 (+VAT)
5£863 (+VAT)
6£972 (+VAT)
7£1081 (+VAT)
8£1190 (+VAT)
10£1408 (+VAT)
15£1953 (+VAT)
  • Larger suppliers with a regional structure will be expected to register each region separately so that each receives an annual office visit to review performance and discuss improvements.
  • The business could register as one single unit to reduce costs but regional registration is recommended as this will provide more relevant feedback and discussion to the appropriate person. Companies can also use regional registration to benchmark and encourage competition internally.
  • The region or business unit will also be able to promote itself as a ‘considerate supplier’. If all regions or business units are registered the whole company can promote itself as a ‘considerate supplier’.
  • Each registered depot, business unit or region will be a single registration and will be individually eligible for the awards.

Membership with the Scheme lasts for one year from the date of registration.

Before the end of the year, the supplier will be contacted by the Scheme to arrange payment for the following 12 months.

Additional visits

Should a site require an additional visit further to standard monitoring visits included with the registration, an additional fee of £183 (+VAT) is applicable.