Monitor’s report concerns

Scheme Monitors are drawn from the senior ranks of all disciplines within the construction industry, with a fairly even division between architects, engineers, contractors and surveyors. Our Monitors have a high level of understanding about all aspects of the UK construction industry and a desire to see it improve.

The Monitor assigned to your visit will write a report with the score achieved against each of the five categories of the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. The purpose of this score is to indicate how well the site is performing against the Code. Monitors can only write their reports on what they observe and the information they are given at the time of the visit, so it is advisable to review the Monitors’ Checklist before the visit takes place.

Any concerns a contractor or client may have regarding the content of a Monitor’s report should be reported in writing, preferably by email, to the Scheme’s administration office within thirty days of the report being issued.

Upon receiving your concerns, the administration office will pass this onto the Monitor who carried out the visit who will be asked to provide a written response to the complaint made.

The Monitor’s comments are then forwarded to the Scheme’s Review Group, which is made up of a carefully selected group of senior level Monitors. The Review Group will take all comments into consideration and advise the administration office of their decision.

If the Monitor and the Review Group agree the report is inaccurate, the report will be amended and re-issued.

If the Monitor and the Review Group are satisfied the report is correct, you will be advised that the Scheme is happy the report is a fair reflection of the site. If you feel improvements have been made since receiving the report, the Scheme can offer, for a fee, a re-visit to the site should it be required.

The administration office will send a response, addressing all concerns, with the final decision.

The Scheme will aim to respond to you with a final decision within ten working days.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Scheme on 0800 783 1423 or email